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    Is there an FTA feed of the BBC World Service on C Band 127 Degrees?

    Thanks for the reply. I can look online. 55 W is over the horizon for me.
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    Is there an FTA feed of the BBC World Service on C Band 127 Degrees?

    Is there an FTA feed of the BBC World Service on C Band 127 Degrees? Lyngsat indicates there is an FTA feed but I am having trouble. Any ideas?
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    What is an up-to-date software solution for the Azbox ME?

    I have an Azbox ME and it receives many channels including 4.2.2 broadcasts. I believe the following: 1. Azbox has depended on the "Community" to create software for their products from the beginning. 2. Azbox Canada picked up the challenge and supplied software for the ME until this past year...
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    Anik F1R DCII Shaw remapping TP

    Try the A2 map. Access/CTV2 is 351 Knowledge Network is 354 or 355.
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    AZBOX Azbox ME Software - Status Update

    Thank your for the response. I will watch this site and
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    AZBOX Azbox ME Software - Status Update

    What is the status of Azbox ME software? So far, the last update was issued in September.
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    AZtrino 1.82 - North American edition for AzBox ME

    I tried these settings with an Azbox Me using NA 1.82. I get lots of signals on G 28 but so far no channels. The blind scan fails and then the built in transponders fail as well. I tried to key in the PIDs but I suspect I am missing some numbers.
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    Satellite AV Contest - GEOSATpro microHD - Enter to Win - Drawing on 6/11/2012

    In my youth in Summer, I used to play games on a Pong machine when I was in college in 1979. It was a lot of fun except for the fact that we played on Black & White TV in the evening with the lights off. It had the same effect on my eyes as a quick peek at the Venus transit had yesterday even...
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    How To Locate & View Disk 2 & Disk1 Folders?

    I have an Azbox ME and I set up a wireless router to work with files. There is a built in web program at the IP address and I can see a / directory with Filezilla. I installed the North American Version 1.77 software and I want to install the three channel files (.dat) in disk 2. So far I cannot...
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    So long NET Nebraska?

    I tuned in NET Nebraska last night and walked out of the room for awhile. i returned to watch Charlie Rose and the DCII lock was red and nothing appeared on the screen. I am waiting for the a new HD receiver to be released in March so I guess I am out of luck for now. I really liked the...
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    New GEOSATpro microHD Receiver

    Is there a projected release date for GEOSATpro microHD?
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    Is KU FTA circling the drain?

    I just did a scan of the list and I did not find "Thecooltv" There is a website. Is there an FTA option?
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    Done with multiple receivers, but want 4:2:2 so which Azbox to get?

    There are offers for Azbox from China. I suspect that these units are clones and might be inferior. What do you think?
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    W3 & C4 Questions

    I am still on 4DTV and often watch NET Nebraska. I tried to tune in the three network channels on W3 and the Northwest Cable News network on C4 - 581. The DVBS channels on W3 are fine. The analog channels on C4 are OK. Do these 4DTV channels work for other people?
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    Motorola 905 and Signal Loss

    Thanks for the information. It was wet that morning. The system works better now.