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    FCC needs to get involved now

    Just a thought if Dish, Directv, and the television cable companies would all get together and tell Fox or any other television provider when they try to raise their rates will not carry you and all the services dropped them at once. See how fast they would offer a reasonable price .. OF course...
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    CONTEST - Enter to Win: GEOSATpro DVR1100c w/15GB HDD, 90cm Dish - Complete System

    My memories would be of Halloween and as a shy kid . Dad took the 3 of us(Brother,Sister, and Me) out for trick or treating . One yr we went to house of the principal of my elementary school.I remember my brother and sister going to the door when he answered and I stood at the back of the...
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    Longtime Directv customer switches.....

    I switched to comcast from dish. Boy I am surprised at the picture. How great of a difference it is on my hdtv upstairs which is 1080i . So far getting the tvone in sd and hd is great since dish doesnt carry it. Also when nothing is on . The ondemand is great to be able to watch something...
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    Comcast HD vs. Dish HD?

    Just switched to Comcast. The only thing I dont care for is the bundle doesnt incl a dvr. It cost another $15.95 a mo. I am trying to figure out how to use it with my tivo on the bedroom tv. Even thou the tivo is not hd and the boxes are. The tv in the bedroom doesnt have hdmi . So I have to...
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    canceled service on Monday

    I wasnt try to steal service just trying to get the best deal for now. The lady I work with left and had service the next day under her boyfriends name. I dont think that is honest either. I left and got the kit after CSR messed up the address leaving off the unit #. If dish is going to charge...
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    6/22/2010 9:45am - Uplink Activity Report - 33 changes

    I think the smart ones at dish are his lawyers. How many lawsuits? Tivo keeps going on and on,this one with disney and cablevision.
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    DISH loses 4 more HD channels - 3 Return

    I dont see that dish is that much cheaper anymore. I think the cheap one is Charlie just using that as an excuse.; Glad to be gone
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    canceled service on Monday

    sorry wrote this early in morning meant $115 a month.
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    canceled service on Monday

    I wasnt try to whine. I guess I didnt explain the reason I canceled. Partner took a new job with less pay. We were paying around $75 a mo with the top 200 with hd . Partner complaining that nothing is on and that is high for nothing to be on. Dropped to hd silver still no channels they wanted to...
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    canceled service on Monday

    I was thinking so too. I could see how she could get around all of it except address. Unless she said she was moving and couldnt get dish where she would moving too and maybe she has PO Box to send last bill
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    canceled service on Monday

    I canceled service on Monday after almost 3yrs. Tried to get a deal to stay. They wouldnt do anything. So after chatting with csr and phone calls. No offers worth for staying. Got two phones since then. Wed wasnt available to answer the call and left no message on answering machine. Then last...
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    best offer?

    I may call and ask if I can get the same promotions as new customers too stay. I have too talk it over with partner first..What is the best way too approach this. Calling and asking for retention dept or calling and saying too cancel service. Been a customer this time since Oct 2007. I know I...
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    best offer?

    I am not under committment
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    dish and cable

    have a 622 and basic cable comes with internet. Is there a way to use one coaxial to combine and receive both signals. I have one coaxial cable I ran upstairs. The Condo I live in was built as apt and no cable connections upstairs.So I have been using it for tv2. But I have a tivo I moved...
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    best offer?

    what is the best offer you have got when trying to cancel the service with or without a commitment. Still trying to decide to stay or go back to comcast since I am having phone service with comcast installed the 21st of June. Already have internet with them. My partner is complaining about...