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    YES hd coverage expanded!

    got yes and sny in hd in milford ct o6460
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    YES HD spotbeam issue

    got yeshd ans snyhd in milford 06460. now if only abc and i will be all set.
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    YES hd coverage expanded!

    your exactly right. they can give you ch 2,4,5 but not 7, 9, 11. so someone there just needs to open /reprogrammed the feeds for ct residents. and while there doing yes include sny and nesn the mor hd the better. another question any news on D* negotiations with LIN. it would be nice to see abc(...
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    YES hd coverage expanded!

    i am in milford 06460. i have the 5lnb and h20 and no yes/sny/nesn hd at this time. for a while there was two 622/623/625 and i was hoping but no luck. really sucks that are rsn are in hd, d* carries them, and we dont get them. that local spotbeam story is crap. i am close enough to ny to...
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    New tv with hd tuner?

    looking to get a new tv, when it says hd tuner included does that mean qam as well or does it have to say it.thanks
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    Opening Day and No Hd!

    been happy with D* for a while but getting annoying now. living in connecticut we get screwed. not in ny dma and not in boston dma. so no yes/sny/nesn in hd to only god knows when. and still no abc in hd either(LIN). that free hd-dvr from the antichrist cablevision is looking better and better.
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    Any word on negotiations with LIN?

    any update on D* negotiations with LIN co. still waiting to get the rest of my locals in HD.
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    HD access fee?

    can someone please verify?(i did do a search but there was conflicting statements). if i cancel hd access do i lose my locals in HD or are they included with my package? i currently have total choice and now my new bill shows hd access fee instead of hd pack.
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    Broadcast Basic and HD

    if using the QAM tuner would the channels come in the 700's or would they come as there regular listing?
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    Broadcast Basic and HD

    can you have just broadcast basic (your locals only) and get HD feeds or do you have to sign up for a higher package (family/io)? do you need a HD box or can you use a cablecard?
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    Why no MSG or YES in HD from DirecTV?

    anybody have any idea when Yes and Sny will become active for connecticut as they are my locals rsn. i am getting the sd feed on two channels but no hd yet. i have a hard time understanding lil dma / spot beamed and not receiving the channels since i am in a nearby market. connecticut is getting...
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    Hay Directv fans

    is yes on in HD on 622 or are you seeing games on 95. i am in milford, ct (rsn are yes, nesn, msg,fny, sny) and none have been in hd yet except for a game here and there on ch 95.the hd ch 96/97 are not even active on my box yet. sucks to be in the inbetween market for ny and boston so no hd...
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    New R15 Software Loaded - 0x10FA

    i went through and changed all series links to first run and changed default setting from both to first run. it has worked for some series but not for others. should i go back and delete and readd all my series links or just give the box and guide some time to figure it out.
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    New R15 Software Loaded - 0x10FA

    my r15 had been working fine. the new update has deleted a few recordings, and now records both first run and repeats for series links. it appears that "both" is the preset recording option now. i tried a reset and that did not help, also tried deleting a series link and readding it and that did...
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    YES hd to be full time April 1st

    i am in milford,ct and got upgraded to the 5lnb(have the h20), do you receive yes and nesn in hd on ch 96 or 97? i do not get them. i get the occasional game on 95. the channels are not even listed in the guide. thanks