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    Wireless Joey

    Just get the Dish wireless usb adapter and you can use it on any Joey. We bought the adapter back when the Hopper and Joeys came out and wanted to move a Joey to the basement which didn't have a coax outlet. It works great!
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    does hopper 3 need a landline

    Yes, we haven't had a landline for about 10 years and use the wired ethernet connection from our DSL.
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    On Demand "Watch Now" vs "Watch Later"

    I agree it's been quite a while since the downloads stored to H3. I can only get DSL 6 mbps "high speed" :eek and I hate watching on demand shows since this change. I cuss a blue streak every time!
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    How to control volume on wireless bluetooth earbuds

    Most all the new “totally wireless” ear buds do not have volume control in the buds themselves. The volume is controlled by the phone or tablet it is connected to. There are some really cheap ones that can but the sound is horrible. The new Samsung Galaxy Buds do but I haven’t tried them yet...
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    How to control volume on wireless bluetooth earbuds

    I am an avid wireless headphone junkie and I agree it's the shortcoming of these wireless earbuds that they cannot control volume. I have been using Jam bluetooth headphones for over 5 years and would love a totally wireless earbud with volume control. They are few and far between. The couple...
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    We’ve been Dish customers for 21 years, this may just be the final straw for us. I’ve been loyal even with all the crazy stuff that’s happened. we might watch 20 channels of the 200+ that we pay for. We can get a few OTA channels, but the regional sports is why we’ve stayed for the last two...
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    Regional Action pack channel 412 question

    Thanks! I just got a reply from Dish it’s included if you’re in the region which we are. So I’m switching to the Flexpack with add one and will save $45/month.
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    Regional Action pack channel 412 question

    We’re thinking of switching to the Flexpack and adding the Regional Action pack. The channel listing I printed last week shows 412. When I log into mydish and look at it 412 isn’t listed. Can someone please confirm if this is or is not included? I’ve sent Dish a message on Facebook but...
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    What OTA USB Unit to Look For, For a Hopper/Sling

    I just purchased the OTA dual adapter. It works great, but it’s extremely hot almost too hot to touch. I’ve searched and it seems to be a common problem. Is anyone here experiencing this? It seems like it could be a fire hazard. My set up is totally in the open so no airflow issues.
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    Another potential blackout... Gray communications

    Yep, WHSV just had a ticker come across the screen thanking viewers for their support that a positive agreement had been reached. I don't believe the viewers really had an impact, just my opinion.
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    Another potential blackout... Gray communications

    The Gray stations in my market are still on in Harrisonburg, VA. Their website still has the banner with the 7 pm deadline today. Just FYI to the folks that keep saying go OTA, it won't work for everyone, just because "we should be able to get the signal" doesn't mean we can.
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    Another potential blackout... Gray communications

    Just a thought, if the carrier agreement isn't agreed upon, is there still a way to get waivers to get the national feeds?
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    Another potential blackout... Gray communications

    Yes, unfortunately Gray owns the ABC, CBS and Fox stations in Harrisonburg and Charlottesville, VA.
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    Dish Could Lose 12 Network Affiliates Tonight

    We've continuously been with Dish since 1998 and had the distant channels until 1996. Unfortunately it's hard to get the network programming unless you either OTA or pay for programming with everything I've researched. We also only have one option for DSL and the max is 6 Mbps, streaming is...
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    Another potential blackout... Gray communications

    All of my locals are affected by this, not happy!