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    Cablevision agrees to end Voom

    Cablevision Systems Corp., the cable TV systems operator, on Friday said it has decided to proceed with the planned shutdown of its money-losing Voom satellite television service. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Cablevision said it will close its Rainbow DBS unit...
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    Urgent HDTV Message

    EchoStar said it's disappointed with the 18-month timeframe the Senate Commerce Committee has presented for the switch from the two-dish solution to a single dish for reception of locals. However, "we believe the Senate has taken a far better approach than legislation passed by the House...
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    Urgent HDTV Message

    Good By 2 dish Thanx cousin McCain On Thursday, the Senate Commerce Committee marked up legislation that will allow satellite TV providers to deliver a network high-def feed to distant network customers and addresses the delivery of local TV to a two-dish solution. The legislation, the...
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    installs INK, qualified installers

    Metro Tec Not here in Texas & it shows they want 50% of the Tec. custom work. I know A non SBCA Tec work for Metro Tec here and they used him for A few week's untill thry got caught up. Now they have all those service call's. I wish they would use SBCA Tec's and pay on time. I paid my 200 to...
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    DirecTV to add 1,300 jobs at new Tulsa call center

    I need Installers in Tulsa.
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    LNB Problems

    I would say the Mast is not set right I find that go back and check from the start. I bet your mast is no level it has to be Level on both sides. Or you have A bad connector out there in the weather.
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    I see that A lot of the old school at DTV are now looking for A job. Roxanne Austin, president and chief operating officer of DIRECTV, Inc., and executive vice president of Hughes Electronics Corporation, today announced that she has elected to leave the Company upon completion of The News...
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    Hardest hit would be Viacom .

    Lawmakers negotiating a vast end-of-session spending bill are defying the Bush administration over television station ownership limits, but remain gridlocked over whether to challenge the White House over overtime pay rules. With little fanfare, House-Senate bargainers decided Wednesday to...
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    Hardest hit would be Viacom .

    Hardest hit would be Viacom Well we need to see some more owner's in our field?
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    SBCA Takes Aim at Northpoint Letter

    McCain John is my Cousin.