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    So do we know what the Ethernet and USB ports are for on the OrbyTv DVR Receiver

    Who knew the nuclear football was hidden in an Orby receiver! Hopefully little rocket man doesn't read sat guys!
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    Sick of the Disputes

    My brother in law works for a Scripps station and told me they make more off retrans fees than advertising. With cord cutting, they're looking to make up that revenue with higher fees. I'm shocked retrans fees are even allowed, why should we have to pay because they don't have enough repeaters...
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    So do we know what the Ethernet and USB ports are for on the OrbyTv DVR Receiver

    I believe these are just off the shelf receivers running custom software.
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    Scripps Stations dispute?

    I had no idea about the repack, that's how little I watch CW. I entered it back in manually and sure enough the guide data for 15 is showing up for channel 61.
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    Scripps Stations dispute?

    I don't subscribe to locals, but the local ABC affiliate KNXV channel 15 is a Scripps channel and the guide data is still there. I think CW 61 is Scripps as well and the guide data is there.
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    This is crazy

    This is crazy. I'm in the fifth largest city in the country and my choices are Cox, Cox and Cox. You want internet? You get Cox.
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    Great deal for 1 year subscriptions on inactive radios - $60 w/free Dot

    I just reactivated one of my car radios that had been inactive for a few months. 1 year of Select for $60 ($72 with tax and royalty fees) includes streaming, Howard and a 3rd Gen Echo Dot. Deal
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    Free XM/Sirius

    I'm not having much luck! My car radio only gets the preview channel and the app isn't offering me a free preview. :confused:
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    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    Let me understand this. If you're billed through Roku, you still have HBO Now. Unfortunately, HBO Now no longer is no longer a thing on Android so you have to use HBO Max but they won't let you login to use it? Is there a workaround other than cancelling and setting up a new subscription? I...
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    A message to Orby

    Yeah I think that's probably the best value especially if you can self install. You can pick up a Wally for less and add an EHD. Less out of pocket, no contract and more programming options.
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    YouTube now on Hopper Duo?

    I think a retailer just made a mistake. That's not an official Dish Network advertisement.
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    TV parts help

    Did you check eBay? A lot of TVs with cracked panels get opened up and have their boards sold there.
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    Equipment verification

    Yeah but this is the thing the have the most control of.
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    Regional Sports Fee

    The thinking is that this is also local. Some areas have networks with high fees and other have none or low fees.
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    Whats The Best OTA STB?

    I'm shocked how few options there are. Tivo is by far the best, but spendy. I have the Channel Master Stream+ as a back up to Dish. It's not perfect, but at $99 and no monthly fee I think it's a solid device. The biggest negative is no chase play, no Netflix or Amazon Prime and no way to only...