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    DirecTV Latin America forced to walk away from its Venezuela uplink facility

    But they do at least list channels/#'s on other D* satellites (but I don't think they've been updated in quite awhile)...they're now showing these 2 satellites completely empty, with NO working services ;)
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    DirecTV Latin America forced to walk away from its Venezuela uplink facility

    That's what I thought...Lyngsat is showing their last update on both was 5/20 & is now showing NOTHING exists on them.
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    DirecTV Latin America forced to walk away from its Venezuela uplink facility

    Just curious, what satellite(s) does D* use for LA/Venezuela? Was trying to figure it out over@Lyngsat...
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    Channel Outage In Chicago

    According to a noon post over@AVSF, all the OTA channels are back up on their proper (RF) channels
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    Hopper 3 issues

    It did it on BOTH of my HWS this it's definitely NOT just on H3's. I ended up pulling the plug on both for at least 15 min & they finally seem to have settled down now. :coco The other weird thing is 1 got updated on 5/15 to U729, while the other is still stuck on U728 from 4/22... :what
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    New HD is here

    + Movieplex, Encore Black, Starz Cinema & Starz in Black ;)
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    Breaking: DIRECTV to Carry SportsNet LA

    Not only is it live now (been in test since 3/11) but Newsmax HD was also added today
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    HS 17

    Aside from the fact it actually only has 7 tuners, who are you to say 7 (or 8) tuners IS enough for a given person's situation...especially considering you, yourself, have 2 added DVR's...BESIDES your Genie, (according to your signature anyway...) which gives you NINE tuners! :confused: Since...
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    Free Previews and Free Channels (Covid-19 Response)

    Since I can't edit my OP above...the Epix freeview doesn't start until April 4th. HBO/MAX freeview doesn't start until April 17th. Article with the supposedly the correct dates:
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    Free Previews and Free Channels (Covid-19 Response)

    MORE FREE PREVIEWS: AT&T said that effective Thursday it will begin offering free premium channel content to DireTV, U-Verse, AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now subscribers. The offer starts Thursday with Starz (only to...
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    America's Voice channel 219

    Probably because they did NOT pay DISH to carry them (ie: pay-to-play) opposed to having DISH carry them at no-charge... :biggrin
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    America's Voice channel 219

    But just to be do NOT need internet connectivity on your DISH receiver to view it, as it is actually coming over satellite. (Since there are actual, streaming channels on both satellite providers EPG's, that are NOT delivered via satellite ;) )
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    Anyone with HWS able to download U726?

    I got it on 1 HWS overnight Friday, but after waiting a couple more days on the other one, did a forced download Sunday AM in tools & it successfully updated as well.
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    Update U725

    I got U726 on 1 of my HWS...I only noticed, because when I turned the receiver on this AM, first thing I got was a popup saying "your SNAP is installed & working correctly"...huh??? So I immediately hit MENU twice & saw the software upgraded last night...
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    What I've learned after 6 months without Dish.

    So how do you use YTTV on a plane, train, etc...that does NOT have Wi-Fi &/or no/poor cellular connectivity??? DA (preloading shows on your device obviously) is the ONLY way there hands down...& I do this quite a bit & would miss that feature.