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    Dish vs Space X

    I don't know anything about the technical aspects of the spectrum under consideration, but I have wondered about who would install SpaceX's home antennas. Dish has a fleet, you know. Maybe a scratch my back and I'll scratch yours deal is in the works.
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    Upgrade to dish hopper with sling but without dvr

    I have yet to see ANYONE not like their DVR once they learn what it does. Just pausing to pee is well worth it.
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    DISH Network Announces Debt Offering

    All my problems went away when I upgraded my router to Netgear's Orbi.
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    I liked "South Park's" solution. The announcer says, "Please stand, sit or kneel for our National Anthem".
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    EPIX picture quality

    Get Shorty is one of my favorite shows over the last ten years. Wickedly good.
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    I slowly forgave after things had settled down and returned for the playoffs and Super Bowl. I'm out again, most likely forever.
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    Just signed up for service

    Bundling is not worth the $5 it saves. Keep it separate.
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    Just signed up for service

    That does not sound like Dish. And it is easy to call a number that looks like them, but is some unscrupulous 800-dealer. Try the real number: 1-800-333-DISH (3474) or, since I use to be one, a local retailer you can trust.
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    Just signed up for service

    You are going to love it. Best technology in the business. Don't know about Frontier. I get my Internet from Comcast and it's worked fine too. You may need to upgrade your router, but it sounds like you have that covered.
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    Point of interest, HBO content has left Prime video.

    I saw a trailer for a new, gritty series of a young Perry Mason in 1930's LA before he was a lawyer. Right up my alley. If HBO Max comes to the Firestick, I will give it a try. But it MUST be on the Firestick!
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    Point of interest, HBO content has left Prime video.

    You are just encouraging AT&T. They should be punished, not rewarded.
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    DISH Announces New Management

    And best of luck to all of them.
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    U927 on H3

    As far as I can tell, (knock on wood) the new update fixed my 4K Joey problem.
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    New sales idea at dish network.

    Just don't make any joke about 5g. It will be yanked.