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    Amazon Prime

    I think the answer is 'no', but I'll ask anyway. I'm still on U542 and the Hopper is being used so I can't force a DL until midnight or so. Anyway, I have a 4K Amazon Stick and I will use that in the family room setup. However, my niece and nephew use a 4K Joey in their bedroom and they aren't...
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    At twice the price, they'd better!
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    Red Line on Dish Anywhere Screen

    Thanks for giving us a word for it other than "The Red Bar At The Bottom Of The Screen".
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    Red Line on Dish Anywhere Screen

    I assume this is a "known" problem. I've had it since day one. (Chromebox)
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    Asking for a friend

    Take that deal. Your friend will thank you.
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    Hopper 3 MultiView

    Those are the exact two problems I have. (well add a third very minor. Quite often, the quadrant I am leaving will "pause" and won't restart until I come back to that quad and press 'select'. When the select/move quits working, I have to do the same as you. Get OUT of M/V to a different PIP...
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    Sinclair CEO warns Dish: Agree to deal or risk becoming irrelevant

    There was a time when that would have been blasphemy. :imshocked 1575334009
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    Hopper 3 MultiView

    If I can get through a college football Saturday without a major crash requiring a reboot using Multi-View, I feel blessed. Annoying....but worth it.
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    Repeat problem with no audio/video from hopper3 to HDTV

    It's been awhile, but back when I use to sell Sharp TVs they would sometimes do funky things that an unplug/plug back in would fix it. Only TV I ever saw that needed this type fix, but you should try it. Physically unplug the Sharp TV and plug it back in after 15 seconds. Good luck!
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    It's been fun...

    In a roundabout way you introduced me and Scott. Back at old alt.dbs I told you I was starting a home theater company and was adding Dish installation to the mix. You said I needed to go to (Claude's site) and what great advice that was. I still post there even though I hung up...
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    Dish Anywhere Playback Device

    Thanks. I forwarded this to a buddy of mine that sorely needs it.
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    New DISHANYWHERE Player Discussion

    My quick fix (that actually fixes most things) is to Log Out and Log back in on the DA webpage.
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    Dish Gains in Reports of Talks with Amazon

    Folks....we have a winner!
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    The OFFICIAL DISH / HBO Thread

    I looked at the new Disney+ service and it was so large and deep I bought a year as it will take me at least that long to go through the best.