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    High Def Owners, what TV do you have?

    The Future is Here Is anyone looking ahead to the new Mitsubishi Laser Tv's.The color reproduction is untouchable. The price is very competitive. It still requires work [ not thin enough] Any more info. would be appricated.:D:eureka
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    :eek:Does anyone know if Directv requires a phone line hook up for the initial start up of their PVR's as those great Tivio's did. No longer have a land line and want to upgrade to HR21-200 or 700. Thanks :confused:
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    Need The H20-600 National Upgrade

    New Software Arrived!!! Didn't turn on the Tube till Friday night. I got the latest software upgrade oX024?Works great the Active button is ingauged and you get all sorts of neat ablity's now.Still have to hit the Guide button twice to see the guide but otherwise I'am impressed. :):up Ps the...
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    How to Buy Slimline 5 LNB

    There's nothing wrong with buying from E Bay. Just check the sellers performance rating don't buy from anyone with less then 99%. Some folks even have local pickup in your area.Also sign up with Pay-Pal to protect yourself. Good Luck
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    Need The H20-600 National Upgrade

    :(August 28, and my H20-600 is still at the 014software version.Anyone know when the east coast is going to get the new software upgrade?:confused::eek:
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    Nfl Call Home

    Sensorship North I'am a residential client, it's not Directv's fault.They don't want to upset the Canadian CRTC, a corrupt arm of our socialist gov. Problems is they the CRTC inacted a 60% Canadian content rule 6 or 7 years ago and all the American Eagles flew away.So the Canadians are stuck...
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    HDTV receiver question

    The shark fin is the antennae for the remote.The remote is RF radio frequency it can be used any were in the house within 100'.Yes the unit gets hot but don't they all? Without the shark fin the remote is just a reg. remote.If you run cable from the Tv out of Ird. to another tv you can us the...
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    Nfl Call Home

    Wanted to activate the NFL Sunday Ticket,without having a phone line connected. If you buy the NFL ticket does DirecTV cause the receiver's to call home.PS...I do SUB!