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Jun 29, 2004
Wanted to activate the NFL Sunday Ticket,without having a phone line connected. If you buy the NFL ticket does DirecTV cause the receiver's to call home.PS...I do SUB!
My understanding that you need to be hooked up to phone line to get the NFL Ticket package... it gives updates via the phone!
I think it may also allow D* to verify that you're at a residence vs. a business since they charge A LOT more, check

A bar that can up to 50 customers is $749 just for NFL/ST so they probably want to do whatever they can to make sure they're getting their $'s.
Sensorship North

I'am a residential client, it's not Directv's fault.They don't want to upset the Canadian CRTC, a corrupt arm of our socialist gov. Problems is they the CRTC inacted a 60% Canadian content rule 6 or 7 years ago and all the American Eagles flew away.So the Canadians are stuck with Inferior Tv. I'am a Big NFL fan. As well as a fan of NCAA College Football. . But thats my problem, at least with ESPN I can catch the college football. Rumour is there's roughly 500,000 paying Directv customers in the great white north who just want the best.Its my money, I detest the Gov. telling me what I can and can't read or watch....Thanks for allowing me to Vent..[.LET FREEDOM RING ] :mad: Post Script: ExpressVu and Star Choice don't care that you sub to them but lobbied hard to prevent us from Legally subbing American Satellite.
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