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Jan 18, 2014
I haven’t been here in awhile so I hope Jimbo or anyone that knows will help me.
Just a quick question. I have an H 24-700 HD tuner, (old). The home tuner is a complete house HD DVR and mine is one from the room I sleep in. We pay for the HD service. I work in aviation and I’m on the road most of the time. I take my oval dish and my tuner and my Macaw parrot with me. Set it up at the hotel I’m staying at for a few months at a time.
I’d like to have 4K and I’m wondering if it will work if I get a 61 Client and hook it up to my system without being next to the “home” tuner ? I carry a new LG 75 in. TV with me ‘cause other than work that’s all I have until I get to return home.
If this will or can work would someone please help me set it up. I’m not real good with the setup so a step by step would be GREATLY appreciated.
IF your using a C61k at home for 4k, you also have a HR454 or HS17 (looks like a triangle about 8-10 inches tall) that makes the C61k client work, so you would need to take the HR54/HS17 along with you in order for the client to work.

The H-24 (no recorder from what you posted) is capable of working as a stand alone, but the Client is not.

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