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Feb 27, 2024
On Sunday, March 31, I accidently knock the Video Bridge off its rest place and fell onto the floor. That put 2 TVS out of commission, wife's and sons. I figured the Video Bridge was damaged, as I could not reconnect. I talked to a DTV tech support person and went through all the motions. The tech support person, on the phone, said there would be a 3rd party service tech knocking on my door the next morning. Sure enough, the service tech went through the motions and determined the Video Bridge needed to be replaced. He had the system back up and running and the family was all happy. It had been many years since I had to have a service call.

The $99.00 service call was worth it, as I could have never been able to do it with all the required systems checks and what not. He took the old Video Bridge and said it was under warranty. We will see on the next billing. Even if it isn't, it will be worth it. Cooootles to DTV Satellite Service call.

He left me his company phone number and if have an issue, give them a call. They are located a 45 minute drive from our home.
I'm glad you're happy but they should have just shipped you a new one and if you have an HS17, it's built in.

The Video Bridge was not a plug n play situation for me. I did not know how to Correctly connect the Bridge to the other 2 receivers. I have HR 44-700, a C41W-100 and C61W-400. There is a sequence to follow and could not find instructions on, "How To Connect the Clients." Then missed the fact, that there is a side button on the clients and had to enter the new passcode. Long story short. Family is back to normal and service call was worth it, in my case.

No, I did not have the Protection Plan. In finishing things up, the tech asked me if I wanted and said, "NO." My next billing, I will be looking to see if the Protection Plan was NOT added.
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