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    Thoughts on Tablo

    Been using a 2 tuner Tablo unit for 2 or 3 years now. I use it to stream via wi-fi all around the house to Roku Ultra units. It works great and I love it. Picks up all local channels via the internet. I have it hooked up to a remote hard drive to record, and no problems whatsoever. It will...
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    The Tablo with commercial skip looks great, but...

    Was able to use the new "commercial skip" version of Tablo last night. Love it!!
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    Had enough of the ViewTV AT-163

    I've had a Tablo unit for a couple of years now, and it works perfectly. It is connected to a splitter with no ill effects.
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    Does an outdoor OTA antenna (no dish) require a hopper?

    Just make sure that your tv has a built-in tuner. Some of the newer ones do not. In that case you would have to buy a stand alone tuner. Had to do that with my newest Vizio.
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    Long Time DTV Sub wishing to cut the cord

    Have you looked at PS Vue?
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    Done with Philo free trial. Too many missing channels that are critical to our viewing habits. Sticking with Vue.
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    Thanks Jhon69. Noticed this by accident last night. Now only if it weren't for critical missing channel like FX, But will continue with my free trial period.
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    Started the free trial today, but there is a critical problem with the service. When I go to "live tv, it always goes to the beginning of the show instead of "in progress" spot. Is there any way around this? If this is the way Philo has to work, it is worthless in my opinion.
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    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    Have an outdoor antenna and a Tablo unit and can fast forward all I want on the major network locals.:)
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    Tivo vs Tablo

    No experience with Tivo, but just wanted to let you know that I have been using the Tablo for about a year now, and it has been totally flawless. Thought that I would throw in my "2 cents" since no one else has responded yet.
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    Might want to consider a Tablo unit for OTA recordings.
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    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    Have done the rebooting but not the uninstall. Zookster reported that another source has had many outage complaints. All was good last night for me. Hopefully problems have been resolved. We'll see.
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    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    Both Amazon Fire TV box and Roku stick. Same problem with both.
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    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    The last 2 nights Vue has gone "dead" for me. No audio and no video. Just a black screen. Has this happened for anyone else? It's not my internet because I checked and all else was fine. Last night it was back after watching a recorded show for an hour. In both cases it was back functioning...
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    Big Brother

    Don't know how that fat broad won. She never did anything.