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    Las Vegas area OTA availability

    The rca 751 (original, not the cheaper one at waldomart) is good enough in Vegas, thats what I use and its the perfect size. We use VHF mainly because all of us are big Van Halen fans..
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    Fire stick losing audio sync

    I use Kodi on the firestick to access local files. I have to add 300ms to sync up. 4k version No issues with other apps.
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    Chips on Charge

    Its not dark and dismal like the garbage of today. Cheese is good. Low G rated? Have you seen Roller Disco or Ponch's Angels?
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    Chips on Charge

    But not the original black patrolman. Worf going back in time in CHIP clothing was later :biggrin2 btw, the PQ on charge is garbage, its all pixellated and stretched. This is why people will stop watching the diginets
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    Sling TV/Blockbuster Brand

    Its free, but if you dont rewind the video back to the beginning and pause it there they will charge you $5 . :biggrin2
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    SlingTV - Performance on different streaming boxes

    FireTV4k vs AirTv Mini4k Air Tv wins, remote is smooth and bigger, easier to use, PQ is natural, FIretv has lip sync issues. The whole interface is smoother as you move through the menus and the guides.
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    TIVO Edge + Remote TIVO Mini Vox connection FAQ

    The VuDu app, which already exists on the older models, has tons of free ad supported content way more than TiVo +. Maybe thats why the app is not on it and I bet, never will be.
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    TIVO Edge + Remote TIVO Mini Vox connection FAQ

    The DVR expanders made for TiVos are no longer avail. You cant add just any usb or ESATA drive. I have 2 though I can sell you for $1000 dollars each.
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    TIVO Edge + Remote TIVO Mini Vox connection FAQ

    The one for all device for me is no longer a TiVo DVR, its a Firestick with Sling tv and the AirTV tuner, just add Kodi. But its not really one for all, I have to use the Samsung TV for VUDU. The new TiVo Stream 4K may finally be that one device for all as it will have VUDU too and hopefully...
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    TIVO Edge + Remote TIVO Mini Vox connection FAQ

    The new stick is the same AirTvs stick which maybe a better option than the FireStick, with Tivos unified interface with Sling TV and all those google apps like Kodi and without Amazons intrusive interface. And then Sling wont have to cozy up to Bozos and promote the AirTV and Tivo sticks to...
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    TIVO Edge + Remote TIVO Mini Vox connection FAQ

    2 reasons you wont see Sling on the Edge No one is going to program for TiVo's OS, its a waste of time and money. Tivo them selves said they are not interested in investing on prev technologies and the Tivo Stream is where they are focued on. well 3 it makes no scene to use a overpriced DVR to...
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    TIVO Edge + Remote TIVO Mini Vox connection FAQ

    You can pretty up Tivo DVRs' all you want, but its dying and the latest firmware is full of embarrassing bugs. I've used them for many years but they are breaking a once great product with Tivo+ cluttering up the guide and pre-roll ads. There is no reason for the Edge, currently there's hardly...
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    FOX News Channel, MSNBC and CNN’s HLN expand news offerings in Sling Blue base service

    With Fox News added and free 10hr dvr, Im on sling Blue now with AirTv- hooked up a WD DVR expander that went from a SA-8300 to a Hopper then to a TiVo and now the AirTv, that Expander never dies!!
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    Future of Diginets?

    This is how streaming services should be, free if theres commercials, and uncensored. The guide is nice and wish it will go "a little more to the right, I'll pay you for it what the f...."
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    RCA 751R yagi outdoor antenna

    BTW, the 751 is also sold by Walmart in a smaller box> Dont get it! Its not the same and will pull stations weaker than the original 751. The OP got the good one in the longer box. It has a better UHF element and 1 more VHF element than the new one. Another difference is the mast attachment is...