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    Cord cutting advice for heavy DVR user

    For OTA, Recast works that way. It automatically records new episodes and if you are watching it will play until you stop it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DirecTV Intro price rockets up $25, or 71%

    Exactly why my we will remain cord cutters. We are watching everything we want with an antenna and a streaming service. $20. No way DirecAT&T could compete, especially with this type of stuff. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ABC Transition to HEVC Encoding pushed back to August 14, 2019

    I suppose my point is compatibility. Any changes in equipment required? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ABC Transition to HEVC Encoding pushed back to August 14, 2019

    What does this mean for OTA viewers? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anybody else keep getting locked out of your ATT account?

    I can't even log into my account. It says above you have to access your account on the site. If I go to that site, I get a message that says if I am trying to access a DirecTV account to use, but, that site just sits forever trying to log in but never does. It simply will...
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    Is there an actual "channel" list for YouTube TV like the other services have? I've not yet tried a trial. Is it that YYTV works differently and you choose by show instead of channel? Is "live tv" available on YYTV?
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    Viacom Channel BlackOut

    I could be wrong, but, I think much of this thread was people talking about AT&T "black boxing" Viacom's notices. Much of what I read was people not really caring about the bulk of the channels.
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    Ota channels now in guide

    Assume you mean sub-channels? I have my guide set to "Channels I get" and there are STILL channels in the guide that I do **not** GET. I cannot figure out why these show up. It can be irritating too!
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    Viacom Channel BlackOut

    Just out of curiosity, what does AT&T (DirecTV), Dish, or for channels like Viacom and others that are at the heart of these contract disputes every so many years?
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    Viacom Channel BlackOut

    Are these channels that are leaving available on Sling or PSVue or one of the others? I've been looking for a specific list of the 22 or so channels that are in jeopardy but I cannot find one.
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    Viacom Channel BlackOut

    I read originally they changing only the NOW packages and not the regular satellite customers, but, now, it looks as if it will affect satellite subscribers too. This may very well but one of the same ole same ole blackout wars we are used to seeing on a consistent basis, but, then again maybe...
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    Anyone use Caavo?

    From everything I understand, it's much more than just an HDMI switch. It's supposed to be an entire sophisticated AI, search and control capabilities built in. Say, for example, "watch the voice", and it figures what devices to turn on, inputs to switch and commands to send to tune to whatever...
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    Anyone use Caavo?

    I'm just about ready to get this cord cut. Just a few more "must watch" recorded things we have to get watched before we cut them off. The one big thing that was in my mind was having to use multiple devices to gain access to everything we plan to use. A TiVo for locals, Amazon Fire TV for much...
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    Long Time DTV Sub wishing to cut the cord

    PS Vue is a bit more than I am wanting to pay if I am going to be adding something to it. With Spectrum and Disney both starting soon I might have to delay this a little. I've been trying Sling but I'm still within my free trial. I'm sure I can turn it back on and if I have to pay that's fine...