I'm not sure what kind of mount to use


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Sep 14, 2004
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There is an existing antenna mounted in what was probably an easy location to get to but the reception isn't perfectly ideal.
My thinking is because this antenna does not have good LOS to the sky but is aimed right into the roof of the house, even if it is pointed in the correct direction according to TVFool and a couple of other sites and iPhone apps I have looked at.


As you can see, this antenna is pointed about where it should be although it's not exactly plumb.


I'd like to move this antenna to a different area of the house but I do not want to penetrate the roof and the roof has an overhang all around the house. The gutter also is attached right at the edge and this is another point where I have seen several "guides" that tell where to mount antennas.


This is likely the best mounting spot for the antenna.

The other consideration I have is, currently, I have my Amazon Fire Recast in the basement right where the antenna wire comes in the house. This can be seen where the white wire is running down near the power meter.

The garage is next to the area in the photo above so the Recast would not be able to be in the garage and would have to be mounted elsewhere.

Thoughts and recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Aug 29, 2018
TVFool is out of date, the database is over 2 years old and there has been a lot of repack activity. Attached is a better report. The important thing is to have it mounted on the southwest side of the house, facing town. It is not very directional, and the angle is not going to affect it as much as you think. Point it southwest. You have many strong towers, all in the same direction. There are no VHF high band signals so the little dipole on top will not be in play. This little Clearstream should do reasonably well, recommend raising it some above the gutter. As far as a mount, maybe a 1 1/4 pole to the ground with supports. Use your imagination. RabbitEars.Info

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