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    Tried to cancel

    I agree. I had gotten one H1 to HWS upgrade for no commitment a number of years ago. They wouldn't do the other without comment, but at the time I didn't care.
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    Bad equipment?

    That's wrong. At any rate, I'd pay the $99 for the huge difference in features and performance you will see.
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    Hopper 1 Hard Drive swap and Hopper 3 upgrade?

    I got a refurbished H3. It's been working for several months now. That was the replacement for my brand new retail one that died in a week. These things probably aren't quality controlled very well.
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    2 Hooper 3 Upgrade Question

    He should keep calling until he gets to "yes".
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    Chat rep refused to upgrade me to two hopper 3s

    If it wasn't something that was only functional with dish service, I would have sent it back to the point of purchase to make sure I got a new device. But in this case, there wasn't much point. I was disappointed in the failure, but it was no big deal given that dish handled it promptly once I...
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    Chat rep refused to upgrade me to two hopper 3s

    I bought mine there. It installed just fine without any complications. Unfortunately it was defective, but I didn't want to deal with returning it to the store. I just let dish send me a refurbished unit. Works great.
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    Chat rep refused to upgrade me to two hopper 3s

    I had a very helpful Mexican CSRs also. Well spoken and knowledgeable. My customer owned H3 had a thermal issue where it would turn off and then turn back on if I pressed down on the case. Several CSRs games me the run around, but he understood immediately the issue I was having and scheduled a...
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    Chat rep refused to upgrade me to two hopper 3s

    Just keep calling back until you find a knowledgeable rep. Try to get US support. Overseas seems a little clueless.
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    Chat rep refused to upgrade me to two hopper 3s

    Actually, arguing sometimes works. For me, it caused the CSR to go check with someone else who had the right answer I was seeking.
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    Amazon Echo not working with Hopper 3

    Mine is working now. I disabled in the Alexa app and then went through the linking/authorization process again.
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    Upgrading to Hopper 3. Will I get new or refurbished?

    When my own purchased H3 went bad, I was sent a refurbished one from Dish. I'd only had the new one for about a week, so I could have sent it back to the store to get a new one, but I didn't care.
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    Upgrading tomorrow

    I love the H3's. No issues here after replacing a defective unit.
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    New Hopper 3 today will I get 54 remote?

    I like both the 54 and 52, with the former being a bit better. For us, the 40 and 54 are pretty equivalent for what we use the remote. The 52 is just a little behind.
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    Joey problems

    I was getting a similar error on a wired Joey connected to an H3. Defective H3 that had thermal issues. Got/getting a new one.