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    Installer Wages

    Hello, I am looking into an installer position for Ironwood Communications located out of Wichita,KS. Their pay is based upon jobs done and they type they are. I am asking those of you that are and have been installers to give me an idea if these are fair wages and what your experiences as...
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    Red Sox Pregame Show "Unavailalbe....

    Thank You Charper1 Thanks charper1, finally somebody who understands that DTV is only a re-broadcaster of the programming not the originator and they do not make the rules of blackouts or broadcasting restrictions. Maybe someday people will understand.
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    Agreement Breach

    Do your research Sorry to tell you but if you would do your research you would find out that the H-20 ird has consistanly low signal readings because it processes and reads the signals differently than any of your other irds. A low 60's to mid 70's is going to be around an 85-95 signal on any...
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    Dish Insallation Questions

    Do any of you know if it is possible to change your dtv satellite dish to an aftermarket dish? I'm one of those people who absolutely hate any ff/pix or sfss during inclement weather. I know that sometimes that there isn't any way to avoid it but if it is possible to use an aftermarket dish...
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    Signal Loss

    I live in North Central Kansas and this time of year we are always getting thunderstorms. I have done everything I can to peak my signal to avoid SFSS and FF/PIX as much as possible, but the problem is that it still occurs even before the peak of the storm. My signals read out at 83-86 for...