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    Anyone else cutting back their Dish service due to lack of sports?

    I currently have AT120+, mainly because of the included sports channels. With all sports being canceled for the foreseeable future, I am seriously considering switching to Flex Pack. I mean, why should I pay for ESPN, FS1, BTN, SECN etc. when they aren't showing any live sports? To keep everyone...
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    Dish Network Receiver Changes Channels

    I kind of like the feature. For example, when I turn on the TV in the morning, it knows that I want to watch the local news, regardless of which channel it was on the night before. But one thing that is annoying is that after I downgraded from the AT200 package to AT120+, the receiver will...
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    Local Fox channel guide data wrong.

    I am also in the Spokane market. I recently received a free antenna and OTA adapter due to the loss of FOX28. I was pretty excited to get it set up and unsubscribe from Dish locals to save $12 a month. But now, I see I have the same issue with KHQ and realize that if I go strictly OTA, I won't...
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    Has DISH Lost it ways?

    As a Pac-12 fan, this is the biggest reason why I chose Dish over DTV. And also why I haven't tried switching to a streaming platform. No P12N on Hulu or YTTV. Fubo has it, but no ESPN. Sling has it, but no locals.
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    Game Finder

    What's also misleading is that 6 of those channels (NFLN, BTN, P12N, LHN, SECN & FS2) are already included in AT120+, which is the minimum package required to get the Multi-Sport Pack. So, you're really only getting 17 channels.
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    Apollo cuts DISH customer access to local stations in 10 markets

    Just to follow up on my earlier post re: the free antenna, I contacted Dish shortly after I posted here 2 weeks ago. The rep on the phone didn't offer an outdoor antenna installation, but did say he could send me a free indoor antenna and OTA adapter. I said sure, thinking that the new adapter...
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    Fox local channel no longer on Dish

    FYI - The FOX NOW app is allowing me to watch live pregame coverage, so it appears they have it unlocked for Super Bowl. This may be an option for those who have decent internet service.
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    Fox local channel no longer on Dish

    FOX NOW app won't let me watch the Xavier-Seton Hall men's basketball game that is on right now. Says I need to log in with a provider. When I log in with my Dish credentials, it tells me not available and to contact Dish. I suspect the same will happen for the Super Bowl tomorrow. My local FOX...
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    What Channels Are Not Available With The Flex Pack?

    Yes, I see that now. Appears to be mis-marked on the lineup card.
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    What Channels Are Not Available With The Flex Pack?

    Looking at the main lineup card posted earlier, the channels with a black square next to them are included in the Flex Pack. Channels highlighted in blue are available in one of the add-on Channel Packs. So, any channels without the black square or blue highlighting are not available with Flex...
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    Apollo cuts DISH customer access to local stations in 10 markets

    Anyone know how the free antenna offer works? Do I have to wait for an email from Dish, or do I contact them? What type of antenna do they install? About a year ago, I purchased the RCA indoor antenna & OTA adapter directly from Dish, but had too many problems with it (Joey would freeze up and...
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    Cooking Channel

    Need the AT200 plan. You probably only had it because of the free preview.
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    There are reports that Thursday Night Football will be blacked out on NFL Network tonight if a deal with FOX can't be reached. How can they do that? NFLN isn't a FOX channel. SBJ Media: Different Showdown For "Thursday Night Football"
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Used a friend's credentials to log into the FOX NOW app on my Roku, so I have my FS1 back. It pays to have a friend with a different provider.
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Wait, you can do that? Do you only pay for the days that they're on?