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    CBS stations return to DISH

    Since Scott isn't posting any news updates (that I've seen) about the Dish vs CBS dispute, I can confirm that the Chicago CBS affiliate just got dropped. The screen message says: "Sorry for the interruption of service. There is no need to call us. We are aware that this TV station is...
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    So who has been attacked by a Directv sales man at a walmart?

    Not at WalMart, but at Best Buy; twice by the same guy. Just let him know that I was in middle of a two-year commitment, happy and not interested. It's a shame the Directv has to resort to guerilla recruiting.
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    Question about 3 Hopper setup

    I had Dish install 2H/4J as leased equipment. Then, I purchased 2 extra Joeys and a 3rd Hopper from and self installed. The DIRT Team was able to get the purchased equipment activated. There are several wiring diagrams for 3 Hopper set-ups floating around the Hopper forum...
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    Prime Time Anytime Failure Tonight

    I've had similar issues in the past. PTAT seems to have absolutely no tolerance for signal interruptions (i.e. heavy rain) and occasional unexplained glitches. I still run PTAT on all three of my Hoppers just in case. Dish really needs to improve the restart capabilities of the Hopper in...
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    Recording on the fly, record entire show.

    I miss this feature as well and would really like to see it implemented on the Hopper. (I expressed this desire in a post a few weeks back as well.)
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    One last help question before this guy gets here???

    What switches are they using to feed the downstairs H/J setup? From my experience and the other diagrams posted on the site, I know you can get the 3rd Hopper running off a DishPro Plus 33 switch connected to the feed-through ports of a DishPro Plus 44 switch. Make sure they are using DishPro...
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    Dish answer to multiple hoppers

    I currently have a 3 Hopper / 6 Joey system. Dish did the first 2 Hoppers and 4 Joeys. However, due to their ridiculous 6 item lease limit, I had to purchase the other 2 Joeys and 3rd Hopper from a retailer and do a self-install. If you do your research on Satelliteguys, all the information...
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    Hopper S221 Feedback

    First issue with S221. My wife and I were watching a movie and had to pause if for about 15 minutes. When we went to restart it, we got nothing but a black screen. None of the other functions (DVR, live TV, etc) would work on that Hopper - totally locked up. The Joey we were using could...
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    One last help question before this guy gets here???

    I used a second Duo Node instead of a Single Node to allow me to use the 1st client port to cross-connect the two nodes (i.e. create one big MOCA network that allows all devices to see each other) and still have a second client port to connect Joeys.
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    One last help question before this guy gets here???

    Here's my alternate wiring config for 3 Hoppers and 5 Joeys. The 6th Joey could be setup with a 3-splitter on Duo Node #2 in place of the 2-way splitter (like I did on Duo Node #1) or tapped (using a tap device instead of a splitter) off of either of the 3 Hopper connections.
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    One last help question before this guy gets here???

    The only problem with your modification is that you are losing connectivity between the three Hoppers and the 3rd Joey; you will not be able to "see" or share content between the nodes (i.e. Hoppers & Joeys on the Duo Node can see each other, but not the Hopper in the Single Node; the Hopper &...
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    My Ongoing Pet Peeve with Dish DVRs Continues with the Hopper (Mid-show Recording)

    DishSubLA - You get it!!! This is exactly what I was trying to say. I know that one/some of my prior Dish DVRs had behaved the way I expect, I just couldn't remember which models. All I want is a pop-up message asking if I want to "RECORD ENTIRE PROGRAM" when I press record, whether from...
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    My Ongoing Pet Peeve with Dish DVRs Continues with the Hopper (Mid-show Recording)

    DishSubLA - I've never owned a 522. I've had the 501, 507, 510, 721, 612, 722 and now the Hopper. This is a pet peeve because my expectation is if I start watching a program, pause it for some period of time and just want to record it, there has not been an easy, consistent process make sure...
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    A thread for subs to request the 3D Olympic channel for DIRT

    I would like the Olympics in 3D as well. (I have two Samsung 3DTVs in the house connected to my Hopper/Joey setup.)