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    Song Name Game Part 3!

    James Dean - The Eagles
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    FCC to sell c band spectrum

    I'm using Verizon Hotspot right now. When did it end?
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    CONTEST!! Enter to Win an Edision OS Mio 4K from Titanium Satellite - Ends 4/8/2019

    "i want to win an Edison OS Mio 4k with the North America Project Image." Hello guys! I have been out of the loop for a while.
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    Need projector enclosure suggestion

    I built my own "enclosure." It is open on all 4 sides with the projector sitting in it. 11 foot ceiling so it is in not in the way of anything. Non air conditioned man cave/garage. Have only had overheating issue once. Really hot summer night, but a quiet additional fan would be ideal...
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    People saw my BUDs and said....

    Paint them, hang tassles off of them, put the actuator in some sort of random movement, and play loud music.
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    Song Name Game Part 3!

    Change The World - Eric Clapton
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    Song Name Game Part 3!

    If I Could Change The World - Eric Clapton
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    Song Name Game Part 3!

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
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    Servo Motor, HELP

    Eugene, if I could try to be helpful for a minute: It matters not, and people don't care about your friend's size, national origin, his religion, his occupation, his employer, his name, or how much time he has to watch TV. When you insert these meaningless details into an already confusing...
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    New to the Fta world

    Are you using blindscan? What LNB setting?
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    Servo Motor, HELP

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    Art Bell Passes Away at 72

    Started listening to him in the mid 90's. Have been a Coast To Coast listener since. R.I.P. Art Bell.
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    10 Foot Mesh - What Is It?

    Thanks for the info!
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    10 Foot Mesh - What Is It?

    IDK. There are lots of ribs on the back of this thing. I don't see why I couldn't make some gussets and bolt it back together. Gotta think about this.... Dang I had it going my way. LOL. BTW. Says PRODELIN on the back. Good? Bad?
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    Help Identify this Unique Folding Satellite Dish

    Wow that is interesting. I have no idea what it is, but I bet it cost a fortune!