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    Universal Remote won't work with Genie mini-client

    RC66 will only work in IR more on the C31, so pointing at the receiver directly. To reset the remote, put it in the satellite mode, hold mute+select until it blinks (around 3 seconds), enter 981+select. It should blink a few times while resetting. If that doesn't work it may only work with RF...
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    Solid signal

    I think Claude really did earn a gold star with this post :cool:
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    Free Previews and Free Channels (Covid-19 Response) AT&T giving free channels and previews across all platforms to increase entertainment options due to Covid-19: SHOWTIME: 3/21-3/26 STARZ: 3/26-4/2 EPIX: 4/2-4/16 HBO: 4/17-4/20 More News & Entertainment: We’re adding the following channels to DIRECTV...
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    Channel lineup changes

    ESPN is in Entertainment and up, has not changed.
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    Marquee Sports Network

    It's pretty redicilious that it's not in the Sports pack - but I blame this entirely on Directv. These channels have an in-market rate and an out-of-market rate. Out of market essentially is Sports pack, and some viewed would get pro games, some wouldn't, depending on their zip code and the...
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    From the little that I've read in the past couple years if the account is on the AT&T system they require a truck roll to change address. If on the old system you may be able to get someone to do it. I've not read of anyone 'moving' once their account was transitioned to AT&T.
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    Marquee Sports Network

    I also have sports pack and cannot tune in, hopefully they fix this, it should be I’m sport pack like any other RSN. Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    Marquee Sports Network

    664 (Both HD and SD) now showing in the guide. Programming starts at 2pm ET 1pm CT. They had planned to debut with the first spring training game this afternoon but the game was delayed due to weather in AZ, it's an evening game now.
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    He's likely going to have to mull over whether to pay the inflated price they'll want to sell the domain back to him. It's a business model of extortion, or at least that is my assumption.
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    Marquee Sports Network

    If you talked to customer service they likely just looked at their RSN resource that shows the Cubs still on NBC Sports Chicago, along with all the other teams. Their RSN lookup tool still only shows 665. The interesting thing will be if Sinclair can pluck another Chicago team (Bulls or...
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    Exactly, this is a domain seller, click the privacy policy at the bottom. They likely didn't renew and it was taken, or less likely they were leasing it and it expired.
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    4K Events Schedule & Discussion

    Yes FOX showed a national telecast on the 4K feed, there were no local commercials.
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    4K Events Schedule & Discussion

    I watched it on 105 last night, picture was pretty good, similar to the Thursday Night games. Can't distinguish it as 4K, not eye-popping so to speak, but definitely cleaner than my local FOX station's feed. I only glanced at the local feed once, and left it on 105 and forgot about it. Enjoyed...
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    AT&T Fourth Quarter and Year End Results

    AT&T worked hard to get 40% of DirecTV Now customers to cancel in one year, it takes absolute leadership talent to get that many customers to prompt change in such a short time! They have a lot of work to do in the Satellite and U-Verse business, only a 15% customer drop. Management must be...
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    Today was my last day as an AT&T employee

    Best of luck Bob in your new venture. It's difficult when companies transition, sometimes through no choice of their own. I was with an employer nearly 20 years, in retail management, and over that time saw the company go from opening a store a day to closing hundreds a year, tough to see when...