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    NEW HD Channels are LIVE

    How is the National Geographic HD logo? Is it persistent? Is it opaque or translucent?
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    30" dish for 129-anyone using one?

    Doug, thanks for the information. The Winegard DS2077 is the one I was also thinking about getting.
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    30" dish for 129-anyone using one?

    Anyone using a 30 or so inch dish for 129? If so, which one did you get (brand and model number) and where did you get it? Also, how did you get a DP LNB for it? Thanks. Jerry
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    Starz and Dish Reach Deal

    Will StarzHD appear soon?
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    3.55 for the 622

    I think that time refers to guide updates. My 622 is also set for 3 am, but 3.55 came down sometime today before I got home this evening.
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    FIRST LOOK: 622 Review!

    Was that comment necessary? Sadly, because of your status as a "moderator", I can't add you to my ignore list. I found the manual/review just fine. Easier to read than the Dish manual. Haven't read Scott's review because I'm not a pub member (or whatever it is). Your comments, as a...
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    Universal HD - Gone Next Week?

    I doubt that Dish will ever put up a channel again on a temporary basis. Too many people seem to get upset that the channel will disappear, even though they knew it would from the beginning.
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    622 being installed!

    There have been some posts that suggest a few key features of the 942 may not be present in the 622. I'd really appreciate it if you could check these. Specifically, with the 942, when viewing an SD or HD channel via component or HDMI and outputting 720 or 1080, there are 5 stretch modes...
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    Diffrences between 622 and 942.

    Can anyone elaborate on these changes: Content is 4x3 with no stretch choice Maintains 16x9 aspect ratio on HD channels (bars on top and bottom) SD channels won’t have Format options Specifically, do any of these changes mean that when outputing an HD channel or an SD channel via...
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    811 P3.35 Download 2/9/06

    Then that can only mean that there are different versions of the hardware in the 811, some of which are crippled by 3.34 and others aren't. My two 811s are unusable since 3.34 because of the crappy component output that Dish created with this horrendous software.
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    UNIHD on

    Very impressive. Congratulations. Mazoltof.
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    differences between HD-Tivo and 942

    From what I hear, the HD Tivo is pretty stable. With the last software release, the 942 has gone from a superb machine to a POS that has major bugs that Dish was unable to catch, but that the customers found in less than a day after the release. Beware of the 942. Beware of Dish's firmly...
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    Dish 942 L280 Software Bug Reports

    I've called Dish three times over the past few days to report various sound issues. When pressured, the CSR admits to a "few" calls, but nothing out of the ordinary. I've politely read the riot act to that CSR, who then seems to admit that there have been many calls. Face it. Dish is adding...
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    Dish 942 L280 Software Bug Reports

    Assuming it is technically possible, we should all call Dish and demand they send us the previous software and not release another version until it's thoroughly tested. I'm quickly losing confidence in the reliability of the 942, just as I did with the 921 (which finally drove me to dump it in...
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    Dish 942 L280 Software Bug Reports

    I've noticed that when viewing a recorded show, when I stop the recording, the time bar at the bottom of the screen momentarily appears before the recording stops. I don't recall this happening before the current software update. I'm not saying it's a bug, but it's certainly not needed (as it...