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    Customer owned Joey

    I just added a 4k joey. It was the same price to lease or buy - but buying allowed me to avoid another 2-year commitment. Worth it for me.
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    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    "I would like to win a HopperGO!"
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    Replace Vip612 or upgrade to Hopper/Joey

    I have a Vip722 (non-k) in the living room and a Vip612 in the bedroom. Yes, I know I could run both rooms from the 722, but I like having the extra tuners. The hard drive in the 612 has started to have issues so I'm wondering if it's time to upgrade to a hopper and a joey or just replace the...
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    Dish/Capital Broadcasting Dispute (Resolved)

    I called Dish yesterday and was told that they have an agreement and should begin broadcasting Capital channels within the week. Not sure if this is just something they say to string me along for another week, but it worked. I'm giving them until the 12th, then I'm dropping Dish like a hot...
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    Multiple Problems with VIP 722

    My VIP 722 has recently developed two annoying issues: 1) When trying to download an on-demand internet show. It will usually fail, it says "unable to complete download". Sometimes it fails immediately, sometimes it takes a while. Some shows ALWAYS fail, others may fail a few times before...