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Dec 23, 2012
My VIP 722 has recently developed two annoying issues:

1) When trying to download an on-demand internet show. It will usually fail, it says "unable to complete download". Sometimes it fails immediately, sometimes it takes a while. Some shows ALWAYS fail, others may fail a few times before succeeding. Every broadband test I do works and I can always reset the connection, so I know the internet connection works. (plus I use it all the time for my laptop).

2) Occasionally, a timed recording will be all blank. I'll go to play it and there's just a blank screen. About a minute later it acts as if it has shown the whole thing. I know the channel is not blank because I've seen the channel in the "live" screen, but not in the recording. It hasn't acted this way if I just use the pause button - only when recording. And only about 10% of the time.

These issue may or may not be related. I started noticing them about a week ago and it might be getting worse. Time for new receiver?


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