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    Wally App list?

    Is Amazon Prime even available on the Hopper 3? I don’t have it on my HWS.
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    Diurnal Variation of TV Signals from Day to Night

    Yes. Early in the morning is the best for distant signals. It is all atmospheric. Even by mid morning the distant stations are gone.
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    PBS On Demand??

    If you have a Roku, Amazon FireStick or Apple TV then you have PBS onDemand through the PBS app. No subscription is required and the App will configure itself to your local PBS station to show even the locally produced shows.
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    Hopper Snap

    Where in the diagnostics menu does it show the status of snap?
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    Best Bang for Buck

    Two things I don’t like about the fire stick: 1. You cannot key in channel numbers directly, you have to scroll up or down through the guide. 2. ( the biggest pain) Having to reauthorize it with your Dish account every month or so.
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    Amazon Prime on hopper 3 but not on 4K Joey

    YouTube is also missing on the Joey 4K.
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    Dish Anywhere issue

    There is Chromium, the open source version of Chrome; Edge, the Windows 10 browser based on Chromium or Opera.
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    Roku vs Firestick streamers to supplement Hopper

    The Dishanywhere app on the Firestick does work well but two big drawbacks are 1.) having to continually having to reauthorize it and 2.) not being able to easily enter channel numbers.
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    OTA -4K Tv

    The ViewTV STB would work nicely with your monitor. It pulls in OTA channels as well as digital clear QAM from your cable company. A really handy feature is the ability to remap channels to a different number. Add an external drive and you can use it as a DVR.
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    Dish aggressively pushes OTA agenda with official AirTV rollout

    How would you rate the sensitivity of the AirTv tuner for weak OTA channels?
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    So Who's Having OTA Problems on Their Joeys?

    Since last August even my strongest OTA station pixelates on my Joey 4K and Joey 2.0 . However if I tune my HWS to that OTA station the pixelation on the Joeys stop. I have the older single tuner USB dongle.
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    Ion Media comes to Portland ME

    The new Call Sign WIPL showed up on my TiVo so it should be announced shortly.
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    Ion Media comes to Portland ME

    OTA channel 35 in Portland ME, formerly WPME a MyTV network, is now WIPL an Ion network complete with sub channels broadcasting Qubo, IonLife and 3 shopping networks. The former WPME MyTV and Laff programming is now being broadcast as additional sub channels of WPXT 51.
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    Dish Anywhere on Apple TV

    The iPhone and iPad DishAnywhere apps do have an easy to use Mirroring option built right in to the app that works fairly well.
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    Spectrum TV Choice vs DISH Welcome Pack for new (cheap) service

    If you had a VIP211 Dish receiver with an EHD and the satellite dish installed all ready, the Welcome Pack would definitely be the way to go. She would have all the channels plus DVR service for only $22.95 a month. However Dish will not give her a 211 and Dish installation for free. There...