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    The YouTube TV Thread

    You probably would have been able to watch on Fox Sports Go. I can't get St. Louis Cardinals games on the YTTV because Fox Sports Kansas City is my local RSN. However, since I am in the Cardinals territory, I am able to watch their games (when they actually are able to play again) on Fox...
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    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    The big difference is that with streaming, I was able to buy a Chromecast for $30 and can stream HBO Max and Peacock (and several other apps not on Roku). When I had Dish and there were disputes, it would have been a huge undertaking to switch. Even if streaming services have disputes today...
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    Roku Channel Expands to More Than 100 Live Linear Channels

    I definitely watch the paid apps about 95% of the time, but I do watch Pluto TV occasionally. I like the old game shows on Buzzr and the Cat Channel.
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    Live streaming will soon be irrelevant!

    Two Words: Marble Racing
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    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    Based on the part that I underlined. Since I have AT&T mobile with Unlimited Plus and AT&T TV Now, this sounds like I am getting HBO Max at no extra charge. I currently get HBO at no extra charge. I will believe it when I see it. Not sure I am willing to pay $15 a month, but I am willing to...
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    Cord cutting advice for heavy DVR user

    Not having a DVR was one of the things that I was concerned about when we went to 100% streaming. I cannot remember the last time I actually recorded a show. I don't use a DVR (virtual or physical) any more because I have been able to find everything I want to watch on demand.
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    Disney Plus +

    I did.
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    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    What I am wanting to know is what the price will be if you already subscribe to HBO. Also, if you are an AT&T customer (DirecTV, AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now), will there be a discount?
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    Disney Plus +

    Disney and ATT (Warner) are the main ones with content right now. Comcast is probably third, but they are not close to the first two and I think that they are not going to have as much success as Disney+ and HBO Max. I still think Netflix and Hulu will be in the top 4 with Disney+ and HBO Max.
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    Disney Plus +

    They will definitely have ABC and Freeform shows. Most likely will have FX and FXX shows too. I also think they will continue to have Fox shows. Fox has not shown any indications of starting their own streaming service and Disney owns 20th Century Fox, so Fox doesn't have a studio to...
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    Disney Plus +

    So did I. Plus I got an offer for ESPN Plus for $39.99 for a year. Combined, I am getting the two for $7.25 a month. Since I already have Hulu commercial-free ($11.99/month) and did not plan to drop to one with commercials (my wife would not allow it), this was probably the best deal for me...
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    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    CBSAA is WAY lower priced than DirecTV which is how you are paying for CBS now. I can see your point if you are already paying for CBS. We didn't have CBSAA when we had Dish. However, we thought it made much more sense to pay about $10 a month for CBSAA then $180 a month for Dish. So it is...
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    HBO Max - WarnerMedia Announces Upcoming Streaming Service

    I don't have a DVR, so CBSAA serves as my DVR for CBS shows so I don't use it for just 1 show. How do you watch Broadcast CBS shows? It is cheaper to pay for the streaming services than it was for DVR and receiver fees when I had Dish.
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    Hulu is committing suicide!

    I did a lot of research before I bought a smart tv and that is why I went with RokuTV. It was due to the sheer number of apps available that weren’t available on other TVs.