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    Miracal Workers: Oregon Trail

    Each season has nothing to do with the other. They are stand alone stories. I have not seen the first two.
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    Miracal Workers: Oregon Trail

    Anybody been watching the last two weeks on TBS? Some pretty hysterical stuff! Steve Buscemi at near his best. Daniel Radcliffe not bad either.
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    Olympics in 4K?

    Looks like the smartest move is to start 7 day free trial with Fubo, if you have the right streamer.
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    Retailer Chat Tommorow

    Fogerty WAS CCR.
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    Retailer Chat Tommorow

    Havent't any of you kiddies ever heard Fortunate Son?
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    Ok, and about Apple Tv???
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    The ending painted a BIG arrow to where the new show is heading. Should be good.
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    The Blacklist

    Read that creator John Bokencamp is leaving as well.
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    Manifest (NBC)

    Netflix took a pass, so even the creator says S4 is off the table.
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    How do I view the 16 tuners?

    Red Button
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    Thinking cutting the cord

    After streaming HBO Max, I would never want it back on Dish.
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    Hopper 3 pop up box I've never seen before

    I saw that once last week, but then Hopper rebooted itself and all was back to normal.
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    Questions about OTA on Dish

    No, they all show online the next day, if not day of in some cases.
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    Finally rid of ATT DSL- forever!

    Flicking off AT&T is one of my favorite things!
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    Yeh, I'm mad at them again for cancelling Prodigal Son.