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    France 24 news question

    International News Package for $10/month. The catch is that you must have a 118 sat & subscribe to any other foreign language package (I think the French package is one of the cheapest). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ENCORE networks are about to launch classic TV hits. What do you all think of this move ?

    Although they tout "commercial-free," everyone remember that these shows will be 22 minutes, followed by 8 minutes of Encore promos before the next program begins. In the case of the one-hour drama, it will air for 44-46 minutes, followed by approx. 15 minutes of Encore "commercials." Sent...
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    Al Jazeera America $5.00 a la carte ?

    I'm flipped over to Comcast and watched AJA. I'm not seeing the aspect ratio problems that I see in the Dish feed. No logos or names are cut off. It is 4x3 though, just centred properly. This is on Comcast Digital 107 in Jacksonville. Posted Using The New SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Al Jazeera America $5.00 a la carte ?

    I've watched this "Americanized" version of Al Jazeera for a couple of days now. I liked AJE better. But this is better than anything the US News Nets offer. No fluff, no celebrity news, but there is that stupid banter among the anchors. Tony Snow getting chummy with the Sports guy today. Leave...
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    Al Jazeera America

    I fear that AJA is going to become similar to the drama and histrionics on CNN/FOX, due to the hiring of the American "personalities" (read: entertainers). The moment they start getting dramatic, showy, and start joking around with the weather guy, I'll be tuning out. Why couldn't they just...
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    Al Jazeera America

    I sure hope Dish will reconsider carrying the channel. I watch AJE on roku and it's actually quite better than BBC World News, which Comcast just added in my area (Jacksonville). BBC World is very redundant, replaying the same news briefs over and over. AJE is fresh, and also has a lot of...
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    Current TV finds a Buyer?

    Current was going downhill since they dropped Vanguard and documentaries. It turned into a bung of stupid opinion talk shows. Glad we will finally be getting some decent international news on Dish.
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    11/28/2012 3:02pm - Uplink Activity Report - 102 changes

    Replays of prime time shows on the Jadeworld channels.
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    DISH Launches TVB Jadeworld

    No, you don't hook the PC to the TV. If you get a Roku model that can receive a wifi signal, you only hook the Roku to your TV. Just have a wireless router in your house. Get a Roku model with wifi, then your Roku will receive the wireless signal from your router. I think some older pre-wifi...
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    DISH Launches TVB Jadeworld

    You might also consider getting a Roku device. Dish announced that the Jadeworld channels would also be available on Roku DishWorld Channel. That way you can keep DirecTV and not have to change your Dish. Just hook the Roku up to your TV, have Wifi in your home, and subscribe to DishWorld...
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    PBS no longer carried in HD in Orlando market after affiliate change.

    Also the guide is incorrect for Ch 24. 24 is airing PBS programming, but guide data is the APT programming on the old Ch 68 that Dish no longer carries.
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    EHD content, post-construction

    Thanks for the replies.
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    EHD content, post-construction

    My condo association is doing major work to our building in Spring of 2013. I have two dishes on the balcony and will have to take them down during the work, which is slated to take seven weeks. I plan on keeping my Dish account active during this time for a $5 fee per month, I think. My concern...
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    9/26/2012 3:47pm - Uplink Activity Report - 122 changes

    Very true. They are biased in their Israel coverage, but no more so than CNN. To have them full-time on Dish will be a great addition to the International News package.
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    Current TV to be available starting the 20th for $5 per month a la carte

    Current used to be a good channel when they showed Vanguard and a lot of Documentary programming. Now it's just a bunch of political talk shows Mon-Fri, some mainstream movies, and the same tired documentaries aired over and over on the weekends. I liked the old format much better, now they are...