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    NFL Sunday ticket deals/offers 2016...

    Whats the best number to call to try to get a deal on Sunday Ticket?
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    HR 44 500 wi fi problem

    My new HR 44 500 works great except for one thing. Every couple of days I lose the wi fi connection to the internet. I have a new Apple Extreme router and I know I am getting a strong signal at the receiver because it show full bars at set up, and my PS3 is right next to it and I stream HD...
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    Upgraded to the new Genie!!!

    I live in Bartlesville, and got my HR-44 500 about a month ago. Love it! Faster and smaller.
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    HR-44 Freezeups

    Mine is a 500
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    HR-44 Freezeups

    I have had my Hr-44 fro two weeks and love it. Only problem is it has locked up three times since I got it. Each time, the only fix is red button reset. This always happens on live tv. Completely locks up and loses sound. Works great otherwise, and definitely faster than my HR-24, but the...
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    HR44 is in route!

    Just had my HR 44 installed this morning, an so far I love it. The HR 24 in the bedroom was continually locking up and needed replacement. Because I had fullfilled my contract agreement, and had the Protection Plan, they put the HR 24 from the living room in the bedroom to replace the faulty...
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    Lost signal

    Thanks everyone for help. Ice melted and red button reset took care of the rest.
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    Lost signal

    yes, but froze hard overnight and not sure I can clear it.
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    Lost signal

    signal went first on HD and finally on SD. Same on both receivers.
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    Lost signal

    Lost signal last night due to wet snow. Now getting error messages saying card is expired. Will everything go back to normal on its own when snow melts?
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    How to and anything new with caller Id?

    This caller ID problem is very strange. When I first hooked it up it worked great for months. Then it just stopped working. I figured out that a reset would get it back for a while. Now it has gone back to working great Makes it very hard to diagnose the problem. And by the way, the...
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    Update on NFL ST call

    Was this just to get you to resign for a 2 year contract? How long have you been with DTV?
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    Lost Sound

    The wife turned on the TV this morning and there was no sound. This has happened before after an overnight update. We got the new HD guide last night so I figure this caused the sound problem. A rb reset always gets the sound back. The receiver is a HR-24 500. We have same receiver in the...
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    HR-24 and new HD guide

    Would like to get the HD upgrade, but dont know what you mean by "download the CE". Have pity on this poor dumb newby.
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    Error Message

    I got an error message last night that I have not seen before. It said my access card was expired. I havent heard anything from DTV about my card being expired. We had a momentary power outage just before this happened, and Im wondering if that could have caused the error. A red button reset...