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    Canadian satellite

    New pay service on Roku list with canada channels, very cheap
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    FOX Tri Cities Virginia/Tenn

    Thank you for the info and update
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    FOX Tri Cities Virginia/Tenn

    I am 50 miles away in NC mountains but have had no problems for the last 6 years until Tuesday. I just wondered if they turned to strength down as they are soon to move it to channel 28. I still get the NBC wcyb with no problems but 0 on wemt. thanks
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    FOX Tri Cities Virginia/Tenn

    Lost my signal on 2/5/19 to Fox Tri Cities in Virginia Tenn. I have rescanned but still no luck. Has any body else in this area had problem on info on this station. thanks
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    What is Orby TV?????

    scanned in with my fta universal lnb, picked up all channels, all scrambled with nagravision. have 48 inch movible dish
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    Signal strength change with repack?

    Do we know the dates when this will start?
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    v box er2 help

    My v box now shows er2 either way or just stayed on the position number it was on. It is moving the dish and I can go to next sat in list but still says er2. All wiring is good and have reset twice with no luck. Can it be the v box as I just got new actuator 2 months ago? thanks for help
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    setting elvation angle for SG2100 and declination angle on the dish

    I have this set up with my openbox s9...I use the v-box to move the big 10ft cband dish and program v-box thru the s9 to remember locations. the c-band i use dis 1.2 as motor type....for the 36 inch ku bank I use usals to move that 2100 motor after just setting up the correct sat locations such...
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    Billy Packer won't be calling any more Final Fours

    Thank God Mr. Cash anti- UNC Fan is finally gone!!!