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    WGN America rebrand to News nation March 1

    WGN American will disappear from many cable and satellite service as it will be rebrand to News nation an all news network on March 1 WGN America will change its name to NewsNation, moving to compete with CNN, Fox, MSNBC
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    Accu weather Cable Channel coming in January to Spectrum

    I Seen on the Spectrum Program update notice page where the Accu weather channel is coming to Spectrum in January 2021
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    Hallmark Drama Channel on Spectrum

    Is anybody in New York ,New Jersey or Maine area Getting the Hallmark Drama channel. on Spectrum Silver or Spectrum select with Digital tier 1
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    WKRN-TV in Nashville

    Update WJFB TV 44.1 will be Add METV on Sept 23 Nashville DTV News & More WJFB Nashville Sold For $4 Million - TV News Check Also WJFB TV was sold to Dove Broadcast witch is owner of WGGS TV 16 in GreenVille SC
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    WKRN-TV in Nashville

    WKRN TV Owners Nexstar Broadcasting is making the switch
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    WKRN-TV in Nashville

    WKRN-TV in Nashville is Replacing METV with Bounce TV on Sept 23 People posting about it on METV Facebook Page.
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    wcmh TV (NBC 4) in Columbus Ohio Dropping METV

    WCMH TV in Columbus Ohio area will be dropping MeTV and replace it with Court TV posted on MeTV Facebook page
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    ME TV On Dish

    MeTV is not available in all areas on DISH if you already have a Local METV channel on DISH then you won't get the METV channel 247 go to where to watch page Where to Watch MeTV type in your zip code to see if you have METV on 247 on DISH
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    Gainesville FLA stations changes

    WNBW-DT 9.6 and WYME-CD 45.1 has Dropped METV and replace it by AntennaTV Yesterday WNBW & WYME stations is own by Sinclair Broadcast Group AND METV New home in Gainesville FLA area be available today on 20.3 WCJB-TV and per METV Facebook haven't been change yet
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    WRAL 5.2 switch From H&i to Cozitv

    WRAL 5.2 switch from H&i. To Cozitv on Monday
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    CozITV drop on two stations in 2017

    Look like COZITV been drop from two stations in January 2017 on WTMJ-TV 4.3 replace by Escape and on WDBD TV 40.2 replace by AntennaTV
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    LIght TV coming to some of the fox stations O&O

    Light TV, a new, 24-hour faith and family entertainment network designed to tap into MGM’s library of titles, is being launched next month by Roma Downey, Mark Burnett and MGM in partnership with a number of Fox stations and affiliates. Plans for the channel were reported about a year ago when...
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    WMFP 62.1 in Boston MA switch from cozitv to SBN

    TripsVa's says 62.2 for cozitv and he haven't updated it for it .1 for WFMP i don't know where those other channels came from on the facebook Look like Trip have updated his site and remove cozitv from WMFP listing but WMFP website schedule still list cozitv on 62.2