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    It's (NOT) official everyone gets free HD

    †To be eligible for Free HD for Life you must activate and maintain the CHOICE package or above, at least one (1) HD receiver, HD Access and enrollment in Auto Bill pay. *To access DIRECTV HD programming, an HD Access fee ($10/mo.) & HD equipment are required. Number of HD channels varies by...
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    BIO HD why Dont we get it?

    I went ahead an did a re-hit from this link, everything is working great now. Thanks for all the help.
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    BIO HD why Dont we get it?

    I also Dont get the Tennis channel in HD on any of the recivers but I do get it in SD
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    BIO HD why Dont we get it?

    I have it checked, but its not lit up .
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    BIO HD why Dont we get it?

    Yes I do get the SD version of it. Will hve to give them a call Friday morning and see. Thanks for all the replays
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    BIO HD why Dont we get it?

    I have total choice Plus
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    BIO HD why Dont we get it?

    Its not part of the HD EXTRA PACK BIO HD that is and I dont get it one any of my D HD Recivers , I have reset them but nothing . Are we suppose to get it ? Thanks!
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    Toshiba 65HM167 HDMI port not working

    I have a toshiba 65HM167 & one HDMI port is not working , there are 3 HDMI ports on the T.v the are in line with one another , so I would thank they are on 1 board ( not sure) I have tried other boxs, Blu Ray DVD players and other HDMI cables and it just wont work, it says no singal. The other...
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    What To do ?

    Lost my few HD channels I had left on my Tivo HD DVR units ( new it was coming) I have a Directv DVR HD reciever but I have had 3 different one's HR 20-700 that died and then HR 21-100 HarDrive died and now a nother HR 21-100 , Not a big fan of them but they have gotten better and a little...
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    How do I get DLB back

    LOL, I got all the TPS reports I need I just cant find my stapler
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    How do I get DLB back

    LOL BAd Monkey I am , sorry , as you see I am lost on the day and where I posted it. Please may I have 50 lashes
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    How do I get DLB back

    Now that they release this new sofeware that I got on the 9th I lost ( something better than nothing ) DBL , I went in and did the youaskedforit but still nothing . DO I have to wait for tonights CE to get it back ? THanks!
  13. LOBO2999 says pre release is june 6

    I got one this morning , had to work today , but have played around with it a little bit . so far very nice , I went from a samsung instinct ( which I dislike very much) the thing I did like about the instinct is voice activation.
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    Sirius Xm to raise rates another $2

    what about someone who sing up for lifetime ? Nothing is going up for them is it? I'm I going to get another bill , sorry didnt read through everything . Thanks!
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    do sprint employees have 1 or 2 year contracts

    I dont know why , but I was just woundering if sprint employees have to agree to a 1 or 2 year contract ? IF they upgrade or change phones