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  • Not sure about anything on the Openbox receiver as I don't have one yet. If you'll look up in "The List" at the top of the page and check to see if that NBC mux is listed there then its OK to bring it up on the open forum. I don't do much with the network feeds so I'm a little in the dark on those also. If I have time tomorrow I'll have a look see to see if I've got those scanned in on my AZ.
    are you getting the NBC network feeds from the Ku side of AMC 1 (W1)? The audio is never right. I have the option for different audio on the S9 and none of the options are right. I don't want to talk about this on the forum and risk loosing them. Do I have to use the editor and manually type in the correct audio, or something else? Thanks, Chad
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