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    Want to record OTA signals

    So why do you want to make DVDs of TV programs you won't watch but once? Everything we watch here at home is pre-recorded stuff so I can fast forward through the commercials but I don't make DVDs to do that. I have a Mediasonic Homeworx OTA receiver that records TV programs to an external...
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    The Blacklist

    OK, so we've had two episodes, what do you guys think? Just asking................
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    What are your chances of getting Newsy TV Network in your local broadcasts areas by 10-1-21?

    NEWSY showed up here yesterday from a transmitter near Roanoke, Va. Channel 38.7 WPXR-DT6
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    Drop In Strength on NBC 103ku

    Hummm, in your defense, I just looked and I didn't see a "KU" only section? I just posted mine where I did because it's a "feed" that happens to be on KU.
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    The Blacklist

    Is there any way to copy streaming content to my computer? I found a couple of sites with Blacklist episodes that have them free but I don't see a way to download them while streaming?
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    Free to a good Home - FTA STBs and Stuff

    Would love to have had that Micro HD! Day late and a dollar short I guess! :-( Oh well...............
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    The Blacklist

    Looks like they have released the start date for season 9.
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    Thunderstorm Preparation

    Yep, I disconnect everything associated with my satellite and OTA stuff so there's NO ground path inside on anything!! Vboxes, receivers, power strips, coax to everything and even the motor/sensor connections to the dish motors. Started doing that a couple of years ago and haven't lost...
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    Windows 11

    9 computers here in my house that are running Windowz 10 and not ONE of them will run Win 11 because the UEFI CRAP is missing?? And I have NO plan to buy any new hardware just to accommodate this requirement as long as Linux Mint Mate still works!! So, I just opened the Windowz Insider Email...
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    15 Years Ago Today

    Heh, I bought my first system complete and installed back around the fall of 1988, which was an Echostar 7000 receiver and this 10ft Winegard dish that I'm still using today. Along the way I had Ku added to it along with the GI 920 receiver around 1995 that I also still have. I never fooled...
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    Windows 11

    Yep, when the first beta of Win 10 came out I joined the "Insiders" program and found The Classic Shell desktop, which is still around but now is called The Open Shell Desktop. Went through all the beta testing of 10 and when it went RTM I already had two desktop systems running it and now have...
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    waterproofing an LNB connection

    Heh, you guys are going to laugh at me, BUT, I've used those "screw on" RG-6 coax cable connectors forever on all 3 of my satellite and OTA TV systems and I seal those screw onto the cable connectors packed with PETROLEUM JELLY along with the same stuff packed in the connections to the "F"...
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    The Blacklist

    OK, I'm going to throw this one out there cuz the Wife and I were just talking about it. Megan Boon is PREGNANT and this time it's TWINS, which is why she hasn't been on the show in recent months!! Think about it. They have ONE child and if like most couples wanted more than one so I'm...
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    Allo fiber coming soon

    I live in the middle of a wooded 10 acre lot that's about 15 miles from the nearest City and after living here for 20+ years with crap internet service I had given up on anything like this years ago!! FYI I belong to and receive electric power from Central Virginia Electric Coop and back when...
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    Actuator Cover Ideas

    What actuator do you have and does it have a rubber water seal where the inner and outer tubes come together? On my Von Weise movers I just keep them lubricated with WD40 or some other rust preventive spray on lube about twice a month. I run the actuator out about 18" then spray that inner...