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    Your Cable / Fiber Optics Company

    No, it shows that most satellite subscribers don't read this thread.
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    bye bye disney?

    ESPN Deportes will be available in HD. Disney/ABC, ESPN and Time Warner Cable Sign Long-Term, Wide-Ranging Agreement to Carry a Variety of Video & Digital Services - MarketWatch
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    Oh Joy......51 new HD channels for Philly

    Comcast systems are reducing their analog channels to Limited Basic to free up bandwidth. Baltimore is eliminating several analog channels on Wednesday and adding 39 HD channels a week later. (MASN2 HD will be added Wednesday.)
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    Saving Comcast Pay per View Moives on your DVR

    Try setting a manual recording.
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    Tell Directv to add FOX SOCCER CHANNEL HD

    Looks like it's only available for bars and restaurants for now: Satellite TV for Business : Bars & Restaurants : Programming
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    MLB Extra Innings

    NO HD games here.
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    Denver gets HDNet on 12/8!

    Office of Telecommunications - Welcome Message
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    HDNet Announces Carriage Agreement With Comcast!!!

    HDNet and HDNet Movies Announce Affiliation Agreement With Comcast Addition of HDNet Programming Part of Comcast's Project Infinity Commitment to Deliver Best and Most Content Available Anytime, Anywhere Last update: 6:23 p.m. EDT Sept. 4, 2008 DALLAS, Sept 04, 2008 /PRNewswire via...
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    Comcast/Boston getting Smithsonian Channel soon?

    I've had Smithsonian HD On Demand for months. No linear channel yet so who knows how long it will be.
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    Comcast & Big Ten Network

    Sports tier in Baltimore, SD only so far.
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    Olympic Soccer & BBall HD channels

    221 and 222 in Baltimore.
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    Olympic Soccer & BBall HD channels

    The soccer channel was active for me on Comcast Wednesday morning.
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    Olympic Soccer & BBall HD channels

    I have the HD soccer and basketball channels.
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    Any new Hd Channels due out?

    Comcast to add NBC Olympic package, including CNBC HD and HD soccer and basketball channels. NBCU Lights The Distribution Flame Early - BroadcastNewsroom