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    Fisher Communications Channels are BACK on Dish!

    The "important info" about the dish network dispute is no longer on the KOMO web site either.
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    Why Didn't Dish Put HD Camera on Sattellite?

    I think they should publish times that the moon will traverse across the screen behind the earth....
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    OTA Guide data replaced with 'Important News - Press Info'

    It does still work - I am recording shows now from KOMO sucessfully OTA. They all show up in the dir with a title of Important Info but it is easy to figure it out.
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    New Technology May Force TV Ad Viewing

    Anyone see this yet? Imagine being FORCED to watch commercials. Remember that the only purpose for TV (at least from the networks viewpoint) is to deliver viewers to advertisers. New Technology May Force TV Ad Viewing Apr 19, 9:51 PM (ET) By MAY WONG SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - In...
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    Any Costco 921 sightings yet?

    I just picked one up at costco in Seattle, WA (Tukwilla store). They had 14 - now there are 11 left. $489 plus tax. Brought it home and put it in place of my 721 and had the upgrade to 2.11 and activated and complete guide in about 1 hour.
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    Enterprise - New Season

    Its a MUST SEE around our house. I have it set up to PVR at 2 different times on my 721 (Just in case) and ALSO on my Dishplayer (another vote of confidence)! THere would be hell to pay if it was not available. Connecting the episodes is a GREAT idea. Makes it seem more real. I also think...
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    OTA Recording on a 501

    No - unfortunately the 501 does not have a tuner capable of receiving the OTA signals.