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    Cablevision trying to hold onto customers

    if Fios is available and you have such 'disgust" for Cablevision, why didn't you switch?
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    E! , A & E and Sci-Fi now require a box

    If this is the first digital box in your home, CV waives the iO navigation fee for one year. It was mentioned in the letter they sent out about the channel changes.
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    Voom is gone?

    SDV does not assign bandwidth to certain channels. Switched Digital Video only broadcasts a channel when requested from the customer. This actually free up transmission bandwidth. rather than broadcasting 500 channels at all times when say only 200 are being watched, SDV broadcasts only the...
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    Cablevision's 500 HD channels?

    SDV needs a good quality signal to work. You are having problems with the Voom channels because your signal is marginal. It's better to fix it then going online and complaining about it. Call the # and they'll get it done for you. Remy is right about Cablevision not announcing channels up...
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    What Cablevision Should Do

    No HDTV. You don't even have FiOS. You don't have a leg to stand on.
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    What Cablevision Should Do

    FTTP is a PR tool. What happens when the Verizon tech gets to your house? Oh yeah, he uses coax, he may even re-use what the cable company put there years ago. Does your TV have a fiber input, because mine doesn't. Also, in your original post you make it sound like converting to fttp...
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    Sci Atlanta 4200 boxes picky?

    I don't think it is the drop from the pole to the house. Each of the 4 way splitters is causing you 7db of loss. The lines at the very end have a minimum of 14db loss depending on the length of the wiring you ran. A digital box won't provision with such low signal. If you do get it to work...
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    Cablevision Balks at Clearwire?

    I found this over at CableRant. Pretty cool for those of us in the Cablevision service area.
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    Cablevision to Add 2 New VOD Channels

    How is the cost hidden in Navy and FX? They don't charge subscribers for that. Worst case scenario would be that they charge the Navy and FX an advertising fee. If that is how they re-coup costs without passing it on to the subscriber, good for Cablevision.
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    More HD on the Horizon!!!

    I used to be a part of CableRant. I assure you that cableguy98414 is not CableDude101.
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    Fox Business Channel

    What are you talking about? Cablevision has 4 million video subscribers on Long Island. Stop and think before you talk. What is on BBC America? I always hear people talking about it, but I've never seen it.
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    Cablevision service continues to deteriorate

    What tests of signal level are you doing from your cable box and with what tools? The diagnostics screen from the converters is not in depth enough to troubleshoot your issues. Call Cablevision and have them send a tech. The techs can do a whole lot more than you would think.
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    New Channel 8/9

    Starting on 8/9 MavTV will be available in all areas on channel 411. (except Woodbury Spectrum) You must subscribe to the iO Sports Pak to receive MavTV. The channel will be launched from 8/7-8/9. MavTV – Network For Men – Male Content – Sports, Laughs, Gaming, Gadgets...
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    XM-Sirius Announce a la Carte Pricing

    I hate Mel Karmazin and everything he does. If they want to make this a real merger, they need to kill off the duplicate channels and offer one service. There is no need for Ethel (XM) and say Octane (Sirius). Pick one and delete the other. If they want tiered packages, go ahead. Offer...
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    Thinking about getting OOL BOOST

    The OV modem should be fine. I'm assuming it is the SBV5120 or the webstar. If you're still not getting the boost speeds, I'd call into TSG. Something may have happened when they switched your MAC address and the Boost codes may have fallen off.