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    Can I get some help from DIRT?

    Figured that was the case as I didn't see any online. I'll look on facebook, is there a DIRT group or just the Dish page?
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    Can I get some help from DIRT?

    Looking to sign back up, it's been a few years. Lets just say my call to the 800 number was less than positive!
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    H3 restore timers

    Yep, that did it. Took a few minutes but they are there now. Glad I don't have to set them all up again!
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    H3 restore timers

    I unpaired the 52.0 and did the restore again to make sure it was getting them from the old one. I'll give it some time and see what happens.
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    H3 restore timers

    Hmmmm. Did that before and it seemed to restore some settings, but not the timers. Maybe something got messed up and they didn't backup right.
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    H3 restore timers

    I'm stumped. Got my H3 setup today, I had backed up the timers to the remote from the HWS but when I long press the 0 key for the system wizard, nothing happens on the H3. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks! I did pair the 40.0 remote and all other functions work.
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    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    Got mine today. Took a couple days with DIRT to get it all setup, install was a couple hours. He replaced the whole dish, not just the LNB. New interface will take some getting used to, trying to figure out how to restore my timers, I backed them up to the old remote and its paired but the...
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    Looking to upgrade here too, thanks DIRT!
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    Dish won't replace smart card, since when?

    That's what I thought, they are built in.
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    Fare Thee Well PPV?

    Online only. Some local theaters are carrying the simulcasts too as well as SiriusXM.
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    I've officially Auto-Hopped!

    Yeah, I was doing that last night too!
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    I think it was a funniest commercials (or something like that) show. Freaked me out at first when I saw it too!
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    I've officially Auto-Hopped!

    And I loved it :D
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    Sunday upgrade!

    Tech left a little while ago. Install went pretty well, he was still a little "green" on the Hopper/Joey setup but did a good job. Minimal snags and he had someone to call for those. Love the speed and responsivness of the hopper!!! Playing with some stuff but going out tonight so won't have...