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    TX Code 15

    Does anyone know why an HN7000 modem would be stuck on TX code15? I tried calling tech support on this one and after over an hour of being on hold they told me to try replacing the radio, then the modem. I tried both without luck. I noticed that the modem has a 45 watt power supply. Could this...
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    Stuck on State Code 14

    I have a HN9000 upgrade job that I did recently that went just fine. After I left the customer called and said she couldnt get on the internet. She tried calling Hughes tech support, but they submitted a tech service call request. I got to this site and the modem was at a state code 14...
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    Laptop cannot access pointing screen

    Your the man Tate, Thank you. Ive been racking my brain to try to figure that out. Ive spent about an hour on the phone with different guys at tech support and no luck. Sweet!!!!!!!!
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    Laptop cannot access pointing screen

    Hey guys, Ive run into a problem that my laptop cannot access the pointing screen on the HN9000. Ive called tech support and they cant figure it out. All my settings on my computer are configured to access the modem. It pulls up the system control center just fine. I know its not the modem...
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    U Code (Satellite ID)?

    Hey Guys, Im doing my first HN9000 install tomorrow and just getting prepared. Does anyone know what I need to select for the U Code (Satellite ID) option...A,B,C,or D when filling in the configuration info to start the pointing process. I learned it in training but its been a couple of weeks...
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    New HN9000

    Are the new Hughesnet HN9000's going to replace the HN7000's or will the HN7000's still be offered as well?
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    forwarding hughesnet emails

    Sorry for all of the questions, does anyone know if there is a way to forward hughesnet emails to a new email account. I have a customer that just swithed from hughes to wb and was wondering if that is possible. Thanks
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    isis horizontal receive radio

    Is there a model number difference between a 2w horizontal and a 2w vertical receive radio? I may need to replace a horizontal receive radio assymbly for a customer and all I have is a vertical receive. Can I switch the position of the lnb?
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    tcp acceleration

    what does the error of tcp acceleration mean?
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    Hughesnet used equipment

    but they wouldnt have to sign a contract if they had their own equipment. right?
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    Hughesnet used equipment

    Would an account have to be built or does the customer just call hughes and tells them they want their system activated?
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    Hughesnet used equipment

    Can a person buy used hughesnet equipment and activate it without a commitment?
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    Dish receiver dial out

    Does anyone know if dish receivers dial out to dish, or does dish "call" the receiver?
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    Hughesnet Customer email setup

    Should us installers expect a huge surge of installations coming our way. Ive heard yes and no from different techs?
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    Hughesnet Customer email setup

    when is spaceway 3 going into service? What will that mean for us?