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    Web Site Down

    OK, a friend was telling me that he occasionally has trouble opening a site with Apple Safari and uses Chrome on those occasions. I managed to download Chrome and sure enough I was able to sign into my Orby account and verify that my service is indeed scheduled to go on Pause and not charge my...
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    Web Site Down

    Tuesday morning and still can not sign in to account. I have even played around with the settings on my computer in case the latest Apple upgrade caused any changes. I did receive a "private conversation" through our forum from Orby that the problem has been escalated. Actually, that is what...
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    Web Site Down

    Well, 5:00 PM here in Texas and I let the yellow circle spin for over a minute. Yes, the web site is visible and I can go to the sign in page but can not sign in. Obviously Titanium could. The representative on Friday did say she was aware of the problem. Maybe it is just for some users. I...
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    Web Site Down

    I have not been able to sign into my account with Orby since last Friday. I want to put my service "on pause" for the month of November as I will busy with other projects and what time I have for TV I can use to catch up on DVDs. When trying to sign in I get an endlessly spinning yellow...
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    Who’s your favorite actor to play Batman?

    I am a fan of Val Kilmer. I feel he is under rated and was capable of a much more significant career.
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    Orby does it make sense

    As I wrote in another thread, I feel the SD channels are looking better. I have had both of the major satellite providers in the last ten years and found their SD channels unsatisfactory. I certainly do not choose my shows based on SD or HD and believe with this technology it is a rather fluid...
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    Better SD PQ?

    I had the Orby system on "pause" for the month of September as I knew that I would be out of town much of the month. This is one feature that I liked about this service. Now that I have it back it on, I am thinking that the picture quality is much better on the SD channels. In particular...
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    Local radio performance fees

    I am surprised there are not more Classical Music stations then. Virtually all of the composers are dead.
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    Homemade OTA antenna

    Have any members ever made a loop antenna for VHF and if so, what would be the dimensions of the loop for rf 13?
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    Orby DVR glitchy?

    I have never had any problems with the DVR. I am not sure if I have ever paused or tried to rewind live TV but I record almost all of my favorite shows to watch at another time. My only complaint is that they have never fixed the bug that does not allow adding extra time at the end of a show...
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    Partner with Tivo?

    I am glad to hear that Tivo shows some improvement as of late. It is a shame they are not interested in Trip's data. I have filed a channel addition request on the Tivo web-site and will report the eventual outcome. I think part of my frustration has stemmed from the fact that I may be the...
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    Partner with Tivo?

    I just recently pulled my old Tivo with Lifetime out of the closet and have been getting reacquainted with the OTA channels in my area. Tivo has always had difficulty keeping up with channel frequency and network affiliation changes. It seems as if they do not correct any mis-information until...
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    DVR will not extend recordings

    I am actually putting my Orby subscription on "pause" this month while I am out of town and to give them time to work on this issue. It may seem like a minor detail but twice now I have had to go to the computer to find out what happened in the final moments of a suspenseful episode. The pause...
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    Orby TV OTA EPG data through satellite or local signal?

    Upon further consideration this is no doubt correct. I must say that I am impressed with my locals channels if they are providing two weeks worth of guide information and it is not being seen in larger markets. I love El Paso but as a mid-sized market we are simply a stepping stone for TV...
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    Orby TV OTA EPG data through satellite or local signal?

    To get back to the original question, I have monitored the OTA guide carefully to come to a determination. I think it is a blend of both PSIP and satellite delivered guide information. The first day I connected an antenna to the Orby system, the guide was definitely PSIP. It was only 6 or at...