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    Galaxy 4 communications after May 1998 (C-Band/Ku-Band)

    Sorry JoshHolloway1998 but the only person who might know is a former member FaT Air and he is now dead... Communication satellites have life spans and old satellites are retired and new satellites are blasted into orbit all the time. As old satellites die or new satellites are born satellite...
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    price to pay to install cband mesh dish 10 ft in miami

    Loreys: On second thought I would order through Tek2000 as their Mesh Dish kits come with an actuator. If you have room why not upgrade to the 12ft dish? They both need a 4.5 O,D mounting pole. Remember the bigger the better and I'm thinking about it now. The 10ft mesh dish:
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    FOR SALE Used 12 ft paraclipse satellite dish $100

    Everyone. Dish has been destroyed and junked.
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    FOR SALE Used 12 ft paraclipse satellite dish - Free

    Dish has been destroyed and Junked.
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    price to pay to install cband mesh dish 10 ft in miami

    Loreys: Hold the show!!! Maybe this this help.. I was given a quote for a 12ft (3.7m) dish from a Alibaba China Supplier: Total cost with Shipping to Minnesota $1230. You might get cheaper shipping to Florida. This is a bran new dish and you would not need to deal with a bunch of old junk...
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    Digicipher II - Unscrambled channels

    I Boston, I appreciate all your help and I'm admitting defeat. I'm unable to even get a signal and have tried both slaving through the loop connection and by the DSR-4810 directly connected to the LNB. I have tried your suggestions with the RF button and using the Edit knob to change the...
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    Digicipher II - Unscrambled channels

    iBoston, I read the manual and put the receiver in DCII-Manual mode. I also went through and tested all the menu settings and still could not figure out to load a satellite or get any video. After a few hours I was able to figure out how to put the receiver into System Module Test mode where...
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    Digicipher II - Unscrambled channels

    iBoston, Any chance you or any other Commercial Receiver gurus could help me out with a few settings? I received my used General Instrument DSR-4810 Commercial Receiver today for $39 shipped with a 30-day warranty off eBay. Even if the receiver does not work the shipping would cost as much as...
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    No Signal Issue

    Do you have a spare receiver or LNB you can swap out to test with? If you had Winds gusting 60 MPH + the dish might be out of alignment.
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    Digicipher II - Unscrambled channels

    If I was some multimillionaire rich guy I would demand HD or 4K video 24/7. Unfortunately for me I'm just a regular Joe and can live with SD. I'm OK with SD and will have this put on my Coffin.
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    Free - Used 12 ft paraclipse satellite dish

    It is located in Bloomington MN but will get junked next month and includes the original working LNB. Up for grabs (Free) is a used 20 year old 12 ft paraclipse satellite dish. The dish was and is in working condition with the original LNB's, a 9ft 3inch pipe, a 36in acuator and comes with all...
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    Digicipher II - Unscrambled channels

    iBoston, You peaked my interest and I just picked up this used GENERAL INSTRUMENT DSR-4810 RECEIVER on ebay for $39.00 shipped. I would be willing to spend some...
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    Combining C/Ku LNBF's

    hank123, Sorry, been AWOL for awhile. I just spend several days scanning in all my channels and do to the freezing cold in Minnesota my actuator has been getting stuck and throwing off the numbers on my ASC1. Hours uppon hours waisted as I have to do It all over again. For now I'm dead in...
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    8ft C band dish with CK1S combo LNB not getting KU

    Miketv92 I understand you have a different dish than I do but on my 8ft dish the original F to D ratio was 27 3/4 inches with the original one lnb dish mount. (See Photo) If I understand F to D ratio correctly which I measured with a tape measure from the edge of the lnb holder to the center...
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    Combining C/Ku LNBF's

    I'm up and running with the following setup (below) using 2 C/KU combo lnbf's and two new Ecoda 22khz switches connected to one 1x4 diseqc switch. One lnbf has a dialectic plate to pick up circular signals while the other does not which allows for maximum signal pickup for hard to tune...