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    New Apple M1 CPU

    On my messy desk…
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    New Apple M1 CPU

    I've been playing around with my Mac Studio for about a month. it will take some time for everyone to update their code to support the M1 properly, but I'm pretty impressed so far.
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    iMac Pro

    If you can find one with the configuration you want, the refurb devices are a pretty good deal.
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    Smart Thermostats

    I've also been using the Ecobee 3. I've never had any issues with it.
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    Will you buy an Apple Watch?

    I didn't like the included watch band so I ordered a replacement.
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    Will you buy an Apple Watch?

    Ok, I took the plunge and picked up a series 4 today. I got a really killer deal at the local Sam’s Club. What apps are ‘must have’ on this thing?
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    iMac Pro

    Depending on what you do with it, it could still be faster than the iMac Pro. Not all apps support multiple cores well.
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    iMac Pro

    I guess no one else here has one...
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    iMac Pro

    I recently upgraded to an iMac Pro to help speed up the 3D modeling work I do. Is anyone else here running one? What do you think are “must have” apps for it?
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    Yeah, that's one feature I wish was included with the iMac Pro. The whole machine needs to be torn down to change the amount of ram. With 32GB on the base model it's doubtful I'll need more for what I do but it's nice to know it's easily addressable. -sigh-
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    any way?

    Why don't you know the answer to the security questions if it is your account? It sounds like your mother owns the account and you want her to keep paying your bills but you don't want her to know what you are doing or have any say in when you spend her money.
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    SatelliteGuys Remembers Bob Haller

    Rest In Peace, Bob. We may not have seen eye to eye on a lot of things but I admired your tenacity and style.
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    iOS 11

    Turn it off.
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    The Latest in Computer News

    Yeah, Microsoft really hit it out of the ballpark with their portable music player... Wait, that was Apple; the Microsoft one bombed. But the Microsoft phone really kicked off the smartphone revolution... no, that was Apple, too.. the Microsoft phone bombed. Oh, Microsoft figured out what it...
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    3D Printers, anyone?

    Probably. There are different filaments for all sorts of different uses. It sounds like maybe PETG or one of the nylon filaments might work well.