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    Viacom/Dish Dispute Forthcoming?

    Sling took the page down, guessing was just getting the page ready and they jumped the gun.
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    Viacom/Dish Dispute Forthcoming? Viacom channels still up on Sling but seems they maybe pulled really soon on Sling/Dish
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    That is also a option, but was referring to WPIX on YouTubeTV in case someone does not have Prime. Either way there is a decent amount of Yankee games on YouTubeTV even without YES.
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    They are referring to the "YouTube Game of the week" that is in the 2nd half of the season. I did not think teams could opt out of that as I doubt many teams want to lose games from their RSNs I am curious what ends up happening there. Yankees cannot do anything about nationally televised...
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    The YouTube TV Thread

    I asked around can confirm as of now Prime Ticket/West are also gone. Still there: San Diego Southwest South/South East Ohio/Sportstime Ohio Detroit Florida/Sun Sports Midwest North So it seems only NY and LA lost their RSNs, not sure if that will change later today or not.
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    Regional sports channels

    I believe June, if Comcast drops them Sinclair is going to be in a lot of trouble and Comcast knows it. It has been a growing problem for a long time, keep overpaying shelling out big $$$ to teams (ESPN is guilty of this too) then expect everyone to pay for it. RSN fee is up to $8.50 here...
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    Marquee Sports Network

    NESN is still on Dish, they did drop NBC Sports Boston along time ago though At this point think it is easier to count the RSNs still on Dish, NESN and some of the NBC Sports RSNs (No Philly, NW, Chicago or Boston) The AT&T Sportsnets + MASN and I believe that is it
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    Sunday Ticket BYE, BYE?

    If I had to guess the NFL will void the AT&T contract, start their own streaming service then sell TV rights to AT&T at a cheaper price, no way it goes streaming only but I do think it will end up being both next season. AT&T won't like it but NFL holds all the cards.
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    Cord cutting still subpar

    Will work in theory, but there is some restrictions From: First sign in has to be from your home zip code, you also must sign in from your home area every 60 days or the service will...
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    Another $35 site

    I agree, every time I pointed out a error or mistake he would just delete the comment and not fix it, it really could be a drinking game every time there is a factual error or grammar error, don't get me wrong I am not the grammar police but there is so many times it was obviously he does not...
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    Another $35 site

    HDHomerun Premium TV is from a legit company, does not offer out of market locals and did not advertise that they don't have sports blackouts.... I am surprised Cord Cutters News is promoting and affiliating with them, as poor as that site was editing/research wise I at least considered them to...
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    Another $35 site

    The Roku channel is a private code, guessing Roku is not going to approve such a shady service for the public store. (Another sign something isn't quite right)
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    Another $35 site

    From their site: Other streaming services have some sports blackouts, Does SkyStream TV have any blackouts? (Tue, 17 Jul, 2018) Our contract with the channels we offer ensures that there are no sports blackouts period! There is zero chance Disney or Turner signed a contract with them saying...
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    Another $35 site

    Just the fact they are offering NY locals nationwide is all I need to know about how legit the service is. There is no way ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX would sign off on that. Affiliates would be fighting that tooth and nail not to mention the NFL. Advertising no sports blackouts is another sign, ESPN...
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    I tried signing into a old deactivated SlingTV account on my Roku and found none of this. there is 0 shows and no options to order anything a la carte.. All the options just say "You are not subscribed to any channels." I can order PPV movies but there is nothing for free I can see or options...