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    Odd 771 Errors - Repeated Intermittent after Tech Visits

    I have actually had a ground cause that issue in he past, I had a ground connected to a water line that caused a system failure every time the hot water heater kicked on. There was a short in the hot water heater that shorted the ground and caused the system to lose signal every so often. Took...
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    Hopper 3 remote not working

    I tried that also, I am actually a contractor for Dish and I have never seen this happen with a hopper. The Joey remotes worked fine, just the hopper remote was totally dead for a few days. Figures it would happen at my house..... I assume it was probably a software upgrade glitch but I was just...
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    DirecTV to Dish?

    Sometimes same day, just call dish and schedule appointment and cancel DTV after it is installed, that way you will avoid any issues like No line of site for dish. If Dish cant be installed for any reason, you didn't cancel your DTV and wont be without service.
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    Just checking out the site. Nice site with good info

    Just checking out the site. Nice site with good info
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    Which Sat meter to buy

    super sat buddy is the best for Dish Network sats, It will tell exactly which one you are locked on and verify. They are not cheap by any stretch but they work every time. eBay or amazon used purchase is your best bet on price but it will still be anywhere from $300-$700 FYI if you find one on...
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    The Orville on Fox

    I love this show, it was just serious enough to be interesting with great comedy throughout. Very well done and I hope it continues down the same road in the future. No political BS so far and I hope it stays that way. Too many shows are adding their political opinions into their shows and it is...
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    Cancelled DTV over terrible customer service

    Dish Network blows DTV out of the water on price, options, equipment, and especially customer service. DTV has the most rude, impolite, unprofessional customer service reps of any company I have ever worked for................(I am a contractor for DTV and Dish Network). You have a problem with...
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    DirecTV to Dish?

    I am a contractor for both dish and Directv. I have dish installed in my house with a hopper 3 and 2 wireless Joeys. The hopper has to be wired like DTV but the Joeys can be wireless. There is a $25 up front charge for each wireless Joey (one time fee) but I love mine. The hopper 3 has so many...
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    Hopper 3 remote not working

    I have a hopper 3 and the remote totally stopped working for a few days. I tried everything and it would work for 2-3 clicks then lock up and do nothing. I even connected a new remote and it did the same thing. After a few days it started working again on its own...... Any idea on why this...