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    $299 Dish "upgrade fee"?

    while my situation is a little different than yours, something similar happened to me. i moved and had the "free" dishmover thing done. as part of my move i had an additional receiver added and i was at my limit of 4 tuners (one 622 dual tuner dvr, one 211 and one SD 301 or 311). so, first...
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    Will Dish move me from 129 to 61.5 for free?

    i guess i can try to call them. i dread any sort of phone contact with dish because of the foreign call centers. not ONCE have i ever been pleased after calling them. since i just moved i had to do the 24 month commitment for the free move install so i don't know if they'd even offer a free...
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    Will Dish move me from 129 to 61.5 for free?

    i recently moved (about 10 miles) and at my previous home i had 2 dishes, one pointed at 61.5. only in the worst of downpours did signal go out. since i've moved and am now pointed at 129 i lose signal ALL the time. my dish is mounted on a post in my yard and is pointed over top of a mountain...
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    Statement from Dish Network on VOOM Takedown

    if Dish monitors this forum, perhaps they'll get a kick out of this response i got when i sent an email complaint to Dish: Dear Customer, Thank you for your e-mail. Effective immediately the VOOM HD line-up can no longer be viewed by our customers. DISH Network continues to be the leader in...
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    NHL Center Ice HD feeds

    Same thing happened to me, so i called FOUR times. That's right FOUR, and i pissed away an hour last night doing this. First i get disconnected before i even talk to anyone, second i get transfered and then disconnected, third i get transfered again to some Spanish que, so i call back and the...
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    NHL Center Ice HD feeds

    I was wondering if anyone knew how Dish decided which NHL CI games to show in HD. I was watching a Red Wings game within the last couple of weeks and it was not in HD. I have noticed that generally the road games are not shown in HD on CI. I just assumed that this was because FSN Detroit did...