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    DirecTV on Demand Internet Connection

    I have a relatively slow 5MB/s charter cable and I've never had any issues with it. I tell it to record and by the time I move over to the list that shows it (maybe 30 or 45 seconds) enough has recorded that I can watch the whole thing without any buffering.
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    HR24 with 0x59e But No Pandora

    Oddly enough, within an hour of my posting that, and with no further action on my part (and as far as I can tell without a restart), Pandora & YouTube showed up in my extras. So I guess it just can take a really long time to get there.
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    HR24 with 0x59e But No Pandora

    I'm having the same issue. Energy saver is there and the dvr announced it got the download, but it's not showing up. I've tried waiting, RBRs, resetting from the menu, and waiting some more, but nothing's worked. I suppose I can wait some more.
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    I just tested mine out and it's still working fine. Sorry, can't help with a possible cause or fix, though, other than suggesting that you make sure the firewall isn't set to block it outbound.
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    Can you get NFL RedZone channel without ST?

    No need to threaten anything. I called at the begining of the season and just asked for it. Main line CSRs said it couldn't be done. Eventually they transfered me to retention who offered me the option of RZ for free or ST for half off. Took some CSR roulette to get there, but I never...
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    What does this mean?

    I just got that this morning as well. I was trying to add on the free HD Extra Pack thing (generally I don't find it worth it to add and remove it every 3 months, but there's something I want to DVR, so I decided to add it) and got that message. So I tried to call customer service like it says...
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    My DirecTV... How does it decide?

    So I finally forced the new HD guide and have generally be happy with it. As someone who had an R10 DirecTivo back in the day (back in the day being until last year... I was slow to switch over to the HD DVR), one of the things I really missed when I lost the tivo was the suggestions, so I was...
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    Questions about the firmware upgrade/new GUI

    While waiting for the new GUI to roll out, I found myself wondering idly about firmware upgrades. Anyone know the answers to these questions? -Does it require a reboot after the upgrade is applied before it shows up? (it must, right?) -Will the systems reboot automatically? (again, I'm...
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    Getting caller ID

    Works fine with my Vonage on both my HR-24 and H-24. Just plug the phone line into the phone jack.
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    Adult VOD expires?

    Did you get billed for them the first time? My understanding on VOD (and I assume it's the same for the adult ones) is that you're only charged when you actually go and watch them; just downloading them doesn't incur the charge, so it may be asking you because you haven't been charged at all...
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    NFL RZC asking if I want to purchase

    I believe the $44.99 is the weekly charge for ST (including RZC) and not just for RZC for season... I'm geting RZC and any of the other ST channels I turn to ask if I want to buy it for $44.99.
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    You CAN get NFL Redzone without Sunday Ticket

    Looks like the key might be getting into the retention department... I decided to give it one more shot today and spent about 15 minutes on the phone with the "front line" customer service. The CSR read (“to herself”out loud over the phone) their marketing stuff about red zone which clearly...
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    Anyone else in the Springfield (MA) DMA having this issue?

    Well, after talking to a tech support person for about 20 minutes, she decided it sounded like a feed problem and "sent it up" to the appropriate people and said it'd probably be "up to 48 hours" before anything happened. *shrug* We'll see...
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    You CAN get NFL Redzone without Sunday Ticket

    Weird... I've tried several times now to get it and most of the time I get CSRs who say they don't think it can be done. This latest time I got one who said she knew it could be done last year, but this year it's not in the system. (She also mentioned she'd gotten "a number" of calls recently...
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    Anyone else in the Springfield (MA) DMA having this issue?

    HR-24: 0x4d1, Wed 8/17, 3:30a H-24: 0x4c4, Tue 7/19, 3:21a (that's what you're looking for, right?)