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    Anyone have any luck with getting video games?

    I just got the service a week ago... I saw they have video games... figured would be great to try out some Xbox games I would like to try but not worth buying... I've added 40 some 360 games to my queue and they are all high or very high demand...nothing has shipped yet... Anybody on here get...
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    PrimeTime - When do the shows appear?

    Hi all... I just got "moved in" today and was looking for the ptat recordings... Where I "lived" before there were no hd channels so this is my first experience with it. I have ptat enabled for 8 days and I saw in the guide that there was an icon on my primetime shows on the big 4... Also...
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    Returning to Dish?

    Hey guys, thanks for the responses! Looks like things have really changed for the good since I have been gone! As a couple of you mentioned, I did PM a DIRT member (one that I saw was online) he told me to visit the dish website and/or call the 1-800 sales number......... Any particular...
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    Returning to Dish?

    Sheesh - I just realized I need to become a PUB member again LOL LOL I miss that!!!
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    Returning to Dish?

    Hey everybody! I haven't been on here in a couple years (or so) I pulled the plug on dish back when I had a 722 and a 622 reciever. (I actually have two dishes still on my roof) - I had Dish for 11 years Anyway, I went to the dark side a few years ago, got a smokin $99 deal with Comcrap for...
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    Dish Programming Changes (Effective August 1st)

    No begging needed from me... used the chat saved $120! :) Took all of 1 minute.. (And I was ready for a fight lol) Please wait while we find a representative to assist you... You have been connected to (23-12-3) Brad T.. (23-12-3) Brad T.: Thank you for chatting with DISH Network, the...
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    Bill Strangeness

    Thats what I was talking about.... It looks to be about 5 bucks cheaper a month and it changed from "Plan" to "Advantage"
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    Bill Strangeness

    OK, this was my bill this month... Ive not heard of any price/package changes (my receievers have not changed, nor any package changes either... have a 622 and 722) ... can anyone make heads of this? Oct 07 - Nov 06 DISH Network DVR Service Fee 0.00 Leased Receiver Fee 7.00 GoldHD with...
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    DISH -VS- VOOM - A Settlement has been reached!

    I think Voom has a really good leg to stand on. E* has had a history of bullying (and whining) until it gets what it wants. Here is a company that is standing up to the bully and not taking their crap. The court was correct in not issuing an injuction. Case law prohibited that from...
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    Free Receiver of the Week Contest Thread- Satellite AV

    My favorite FTA channel is RetroJams because It is AWESOME!!!
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    10 Voom Channels Gone, How Do You Feel?

    DirecTV would be genious to pick up Voom. They have plenty of capacity, so it would not hurt them at all. Sure, the turd bird subs probablly dont care much about voom, but I think there would be alot of E* defectors over this issue. Not even because they watched it, but for the principal of the...
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    AMC -14 story gets more interesting

    Maybe DOD wants to buy it for target practice???
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    SatelliteGuys - Retailer Chat Recap: April 22nd 2008

    will the card swap go to your billing address or your "service address"
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    Free Entry: Sadoun PowerTech DG380 HH Motor Enter to win - Deadline 4/30/08

    I want to win! random banter random banter random banter now wasn't that funny?
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    Food HD now Mirrors SD

    What really got me, was I was watching Ace of Cakes, which is actually shot in HD... On the HD channel, they have it in letterbox stretch-o-vision.... That just looks so lovely....