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    Welcome to the Uplink Center!

    Very cool. That must have been a LOT of work to get that working...
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    Something is Coming on Wednesday...

    VERY Cool!
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    Correction: United States District Court Judge John A. Houston issued a preliminary injunction Tuesday barring that band from performing, recording or selling music under the Supernova name pending the outcome of the lawsuit.
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    Court Ordered them to change their name yesterday. They cannot tour or sell an album under the name Supernova.
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    Huge Mistake!!! What a waste. Anyone want my tickets for Atlantic City?? I should have known better then to buy them in advance.
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    Fox Audio

    What's up with the Audio on Fox NY??? Anyone else have the really bad audio??
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    Please Correct me if I'm wrong

    I would not exactly use the word selling. You are paying for the privledge to lease their equiptment.
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    Is their anyway to get 2 HD receivers?

    If you are going to buy them I would suggest one of the sponsers like dishstore or sadoun. If you are going to lease - CSR roulette - someone posted somewhere that they were able to lease a 2nd unit. I purchased one and leased one.
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    Problems with NY NBC HD Tonight?

    Thanks for the quick response!
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    Problems with NY NBC HD Tonight?

    Anyone else's NBC HD flaking out tonight? Just switched from HD to BAD SD and Back, Picture and audio dropouts..... No loss of sat signal. Anyone else seeing this or is my 211's HDMI port getting ready to die?
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    Post your COMMENTS about the Upgrade Here

    If I already have one dish at 61.5 and a dish 500 at 110 & 119 why do I need a Dish 1000 for 129? Did I miss something?
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    Post Your Upgrade Experience Here

    Called back at 7:05 and they are able to do it now. Install Thursday (tomorrow) 12-5. Only the codes for HD bronze are in the system yet but he used HD bronze to lock in the install date.
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    Post Your Upgrade Experience Here

    Called at 5 am eastern Told her I wanted hd Platinum & uprgade an 811 She clicked around in the compuer Took CC Info Put on hold gave confirm# Schedule install date of Thursday (tomorrow) for Dish 1000 90 day install warranty 18 month commitment of at60 + hold hold Damm call...
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    When to call Dish

    Just orderd. There systems are updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    When to call Dish

    I am on hold now while I iron my cloths for work. She said it looks like it is comming up.