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    New Software U549 for Hopper3

    I have not received this sw update. Maybe they stopped sending it out due to too many bugs.
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    Joey all the sudden can't see the Hopper

    Today my 4K Joey would not connect to the H3. I had to hard reboot the H3 then 4K Joey and it worked again.
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    I have a 2 TB, 1 TB, and a .5 TB connected to a hub connected to the 3.0 USB port on an H3. They are all visible and usable as before the 7 TB limit update.
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    no sound on Amazon prime

    Amazon Prime requires Dolby Digital output. I have other devices that require PCM. So I set the Dish Audio out to PCM prior to Prime Video coming to dish. I have to use my Smart TV Audio out to listen to Prime Video shows.
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    Hopper 3

    My first Echostar receiver in 1987/88 was the SR-4500. It was motorized to move a 10 foot c-band mesh dish. You had to put in a cement platform and about 15 ' tall and 8" in diameter pole on which you mounted the 10' mesh dish . It took about a minute to cover the move from the farthest east...
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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    Did a reboot and it came on. It is much darker than the fox station.
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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    I am getting a black screen on 540-01. The voice is fine .
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    Netflix Audio Lag . . .

    Never had the problem with Netflix. However, I have intermittent lost sound on Prime Video. The sound is fine via my LG app, but terrible on the Dish App.
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    Did Dish fix their OTA Dual Tuner overheating problems?

    Where did you buy the AirTV dual tuner adapter and 2nd Hopper3?
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    Marshall Broadcasting dispute

    My ABC channel is part of the dispute. So I took it off my primetime and started to record the 4 ABC shows I watch via my single OTA device. When I tried to record 2 shows that were back to back, I got a conflict error message. I selected resolve the conflict and it didn't. After head...
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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    Too bad that Dish will miss the National Championship game in 4k. Are they negotiating with ESPN to get their 4k offerings?
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    I HATE Google Assistant

    Sorry I didn't remember that. Still it was way easier to use the 40 remote than the 54 remote when the internet went down and after it came back.
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    I HATE Google Assistant

    Yesterday my internet went down and I could not use the voice command to do anything. I got an error message saying an internet connection is needed. The voice command prior to going with Google worked without an internet connection. So I would have to relearn how to do things without the voice...
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    Amazon Prime Video Debuts on DISH Hopper 3

    I am having sound drops using the Amazon prime video. The CC is now needed to fill in the sound drops.